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Avoid These Mistakes, If You Want To Own a Successful Store

Avoid These Mistakes, If You Want To Own a Successful e-Store

E-commerce is not a promising field for everyone.

This is a rule that you should know well before setting up your e-store. The store is not limited to an attractive platform, some products offered, and a range of e-purchasing methods.

But the store includes marketing strategies prepared with a concentration and propaganda methods formulated in a certain way. As well as a mental image that was carefully constructed and planned. If you have not planned all this now, your e-store will be failed.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to establish a successful e-store. We will also teach you the right steps and warn you about the most common mistakes in e-commerce in general. Just focus well with the next lines and beware of these mistakes.

Avoid These Mistakes, If You Want To Own a Successful Store | Sadad article image

The Most Common Mistakes Traders Make When Setting Up An E-store

E-commerce has rules and principles that each entrepreneur must be aware of before breaking into them. If you are not familiar with these rules, let me highlight some of them as follows:

· Know The Value Of E-Shoppers In Your Industry (Your Market)

Before setting up an e-store to offer a service or product, you must first examine the value of e-audience and the amount of their purchasing deals. There are some products or services that consumers prefer to buy in traditional ways than using the Internet.

The real estate audience, for example, would prefer to deal with companies with headquarters on the ground than those offering their services online. The first step before launching your e-platform is to know: Does the e-market really need your service/product?

· Study Your Competitors

Do not enter the field of e-commerce if you do not know your competitors well. You may lose all your money. Knowing your competitors, studying their marketing methods, and knowing which methods attract the masses and succeed, should be at the top of your priorities.

Monitoring your competitors is not limited to monitoring and analysis only. You must also use this information and make use of it for your business. If your competition offers a high quality product for audience, give it an excellent product. If your opponent has a weakness, take advantage of this point and show it on your platform. If your competition offers many tempting offers, give the audience more tempting offers. This process is very important, especially at the beginning of your e-project.

It will not only help you show your platform among your competitors, it will also enhance your mental image as a strong e-store (in the eyes of audience) and competitor (for your competitors).

· Understand The Basics Of Site Configuration For Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization is a basic part of e-marketing. It is the science of optimizing websites to appear in free search engines results without having to spend advertising on sponsored advertising.

The importance of SEO is that it helps your e-store appear in the first results in the search engines, which helps attract visitors to your platform and thus increase profits resulting from the purchasing deals.

It is possible that your store is very special but nobody knows it. It is hidden among a large number of other more advanced search results, but with the improvement of your site’s SEO, it will appear in the first results of search engines, and will make it easier for audience to find out about its products/services.

· Make Your Site Responsive To Browsing From Different Devices

The number of smartphone and tablet shoppers is growing, and mobile e-commerce is on the rise and is expected to continue. If your website is great for desktop browsing and is very bad for smartphones, then you agree to lose a large segment of your target audience by your hands. So, if you want to win as much of your target audience as possible, it’s important to create your e-store to be responsive or building a private mobile app. This offers quality and speed for users and of course UX rates.

· Content Is More Important Than Your Product Itself

Content is the most important part of your website even before your product. It can make your e-store appear professional and attractive to the audience. Also, it can drop it down. The more you are interested in crafting professional marketing content for your business, considering the appropriate SEO rules, the more you will attract more people and draw a professional image for your business.

If you are aware of the above principles, you are now ready to know the most common mistakes made by novice traders in the field of e-commerce as follows:

· Give Them Multiple Different Options

Giving the public a variety of options is a double-edged sword. You can give customers a unique, flexible purchasing experience, or you can give them a good source of distraction.

The more choices the consumer has, the more difficult it will be to make a quick purchase decision. And therefore difficult to convince him. It is desirable here to give them a range of options, but in a limited way. If you have hundreds of different products, divide these products into categories, and each category has a range of products.

If one category includes many products, add the Pages option in one section, so that the consumer has an appropriate number of products that can be seen by clicking on the next page option. This way you will be able to add any number of products you want, and attract the user attention to your message.

· Give The Public Limited Payment Options

Many startup e-commerce businesses have been mistaken for adding one or two e-payment options. This mistake makes you lose your audience easily. Payment methods differ from one customer to another, and the payment method available varies from country to country as well. When you study your target market, you should consider the preferred payment method for the customers of this market, and offer it to them on your platform.

You should ensure that there is a secure payment gateway for your users that provides them with many different options. Your platform should offer the public traditional payment methods for those who like to pay on delivery. And must also include various e-payment options to suit the difference of users.

· Giving Promises Cannot Be Met

E-traders often rush to make tempting offers that cannot be met. Their desire to attract as much traffic as possible initially makes them advertise many unstudied offers that can cause a lot of damage to the brand.

Attractive offers are very useful for increasing sales if they are well studied and presented in a smart way to the users. Otherwise they will be mere false promises that the shop cannot afford to pay for.

· No Balance Between Images And Text

Some traders show a large number of attractive images in their e-platform, so the customer takes a comprehensive look at the product offered. This is a disaster for the website. The customer likes to see the picture of the product, but he likes to know its detailed specifications as well.

It is not at all useful for him to see a series of images that do not answer any questions he wants. This number of images may cause a slow page load, which will make the client escape from your website.

So the most important advice here is to give your audience a high quality and professional image of your products, in a balanced with text and detailed information about it.

· Neglecting An Area To Display Users Ratings And Reviews

Reviews posted on websites are a very influential factor in a customer’s purchasing decision. The more positive the audience sees positive reviews of your products, the more often it will help you make a purchasing deal quickly and confidently.

It gives your clients the freedom to evaluate your products, services and more. It reflects a message that means you offer good service and do not fear criticism. If you are afraid to add this feature, it is normal for the customer to hesitate to buy from you.


Building a successful e-store is hard, but by focusing on a small set of details you can establish it as the best and start earning money from it.

If you follow the above guidelines, and educate yourself more information from useful educational sources, you will be halfway through.

The rest of the road will be successful only if you choose a safe partner and a qualified assistant to go with you. In this part I do not see you better than SADAD app. You can have a secure and free payment method for your deals, and through its own gateway, you will give your customers a fast, secure and inexpensive payment method.

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