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Go Cashless With SADAD POS Machine : Types And Benefits

04 May 2023 Share

Point of Sales (POS) solutions have gained immense popularity because they make business versatile and intelligent for all-scale enterprises. The days of traditional cash registers are now gone with the new cloud-based technology that enables even small scaled businesses with powerful features to keep transactions in one place. Sadad is one such POS system supplier in Qatar for businesses to leverage this cloud-based technology. We enable you to grow your business by taking away cumbersome manual work and letting you accelerate financial activities by moving them online. 

Sadad has two devices: SADAD POS Pro and SADAD POS mini, with the same applications and features but different physical specifications. SADAD POS Pro is the go-to solution for any business looking to fulfill all their payment solution needs in one place. SADAD POS mini is a smaller version of the SADAD POS Pro machine, a lightweight device, just in the shape of a mobile, that you can use to make transactions on the go. Both our POS solution supports you at every business stage with the following:

  1. Collect real-time payment: Accept real-time payments securely to enhance the customers’ check-out experience with Sadad POS machines. Cut the queues, accept contactless payments, chip payments and more to minimise billing time to provide customers with a frictionless checkout experience. With fewer than 2 seconds of transaction time, the Sadad POS machines delight customers and businesses. 
  2. Tap, dip and swipe: Accept payments via NFC, Apple pay, Samsung Pay and Google pay by asking your customers to place their device near the terminal of the Sadad POS machine or insert chip cards to complete the payment. Those with magnetic stripe cards can choose to swipe their cards and avoid the hassle of managing cash. We support VISA, Master card, American Express, NAPS, and JCB cards.
  3. Stay up-to-minute with all your devices: We provide Sadad exclusive merchant dashboard, a web application that lets you access all transactions centrally. View real-time and accurate data as graphs and get a daily terminal batch summary report to stay up to date with data on customer transactions, reports and analytics. Moreover, it saves time in inventory management, and accounting is easy as you get updates with terminal-wise payments via push notifications and on the merchant dashboard. Access all payments on the go and keep track of all terminals in one place digitally to avoid any human error.
  4. Embrace ease with digital receipts: Merchants can enter the customer’s mobile number or email ID to send the digital receipt link to them. A digital receipt is a soft copy of the transaction slip, which can be shared with the customer’s preferred mode, and the customer can click on the link to view it.
  5. Get long-lasting battery backup: We provide a charging socket which makes our devices portable. In traditional POS machines, the machinery needs to be charged frequently. In some cases, say, for example, you have a point of sale for restaurants, and your machine wants to take it to the table they are dining at, Sadad is a reliable option as our machinery provides up to 72 hours of operation to ensure wireless transactions. The charging wire is connected only to the back socket, similar to contactless chargers making our machines handier.
  6. Facilitate hassle-free refund: Merchants can process refunds from the device itself by putting the self-transaction RRR number to process them. This saves time and speeds up the refund process providing an enhanced customer experience. 
  7. Access reports anytime, anywhere:  Our POS machines are touch screen devices that work on an android based SADAD POS application which the merchants can access with their unique login ID and password to make transactions. You can choose to view the date-wise transaction records or use the different filters on the machines’ report screen on the machine to get the transaction details. Even past transaction slips can be viewed and/or printed, and you can check if the transaction is reconciled or not as well. 
  8. Track devices: GPS-based live location tracking is enabled in our terminals to help you track all your POS machines in Qatar. Access the same on the merchant dashboard to see the real-time position of all activated devices in maps.
  9. Easily access data: Our POS machines let sales associates and cashiers access all needed information at their fingertips. Minimise human error in initiating and tracking transactions with our POS machines, eliminate manually keying in items and keep all transactions in one place, eliminating the need to enter data in the back office systems.

Read on to understand better the two different POS machines in Qatar we provide and choose the one that suits your business needs the most. 

SADAD POS Pro or SADAD POS Mini: Which is the ideal choice for me?

Both our devices share some common features to help you enhance your customer’s payment experience. They come with an IC Card reader, magnetic card reader, NFC, Bluetooth, and printer to help you accept numerous payment methods. Additionally, they support 4G/3G/2G networks and Bluetooth and offer enhanced standby time to enable all-day use. Sadad’s POS Pro machine is an all-in-one solution that helps you optimise your business performance and has the in-built feature to print receipts from the machine itself.

However, if you are one of those businesses that are into doorstep services such as food delivery, laundry, logistics, couriers, car cleaning and repairing, or run a restaurant, grocery store or any shop, travel business, etc. and are looking for a more handy solution. In that case, Sadad has POS Mini, a compact POS machine in Qatar for fast, simple, secure transactions.

Exclusive benefits of Sadad Smart Mini include:

  1. Seamless payments: The device is portable and can be used in various settings for retail and service providers to ensure a smooth customer payment experience. 
  2. Sleek Device: Since the device is similar to a mobile phone, it doesn’t occupy much counter space and can be your companion on the go.
  3. Lightweight and paperless: Say goodbye to bulky paper rolls and embrace a sleek and smart POS system in Qatar. Designed with no printer, the device is lightweight, enhancing the ease of portability and making it eco-friendly. However, we offer an add-on printer if you want to print receipts physically. 

Get in touch with us today to choose either of Sadad’s optimised all-in-one POS systems in Qatar that best suits your needs.

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