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Marketing your PRODUCTS and services from Sadad product link is now simpler than ever.

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What is Sadad Tarweej

Sadad Tarweej is a new digital payment link solution give you a chance to market your products and services around the globe without having a website or even mobile application.

Why it is so important to your business ?

Sadad Tarweej help you to scale your business and having more customers and profits by sharing your products through SMS and social media like WhatsApp, email, Instagram , or any channels and you’ll see a rise in your profits directly.

Sadad Tarweej FEATURES

List unlimited product links.

Create and send unlimited product links to share it with your customers to start accept payments directly.

Get payments in your bank account just in two working days.

Transfer your profits from your sadad merchant account to your bank account within 2 working days.

Customize the sender name and URL as you want.

Design your invoice link with your logo and branding theme.

Brand your Product Link with your colors and logo.

Upload product images instantly and maker your product link live In a single click.

You Don’t have web online store or mobile application, and you need to market your products ?

Sadad Tarweej is the solution.

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Create a payment link.Unlimited product links in two minutes.

Upload product images instantly and maker your product link live In a single click. Start selling immediately

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whatever your products category, Sadad Tarweej will fit your business.

Get access to a large consumer base by providing multiple payments options to choose from.

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Photo Studio

Get your Product photos within 3 steps

Professional photography helps you in marketing

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How to make payment through all payment methods?

Learn how to make payment using all payment method such as credit cards, Debit cards and Sadad wallet in everywhere.


Sadad Tarweej helps merchants Marketing Products and services from Sadad product link, through Social Media and WhatsApp

Merchants can view, track, and manage reporting their payments from Sadad Merchant dashboard

no need to pay extra fees for using Sadad Tarweej Services just the transactions fees.

Merchants can get their money anytime, just they need to send money withdraw request from Sadad Merchant account, and it will take from one to three working days maximum to get money in your registered bank account.

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