Online Appointment System in Qatar | Calendly, Appointment and Booking

Sadad Appointments

Control your business scheduling smoothly

The unique system to schedule your

appointments, payments & more

The Sadad appointments system manages your customer visits smoothly and your time.

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Save time and effort

Thus lowering the probability of duplicate appointments mistakes.

Let your customers book and pay from one place

Give your customers an easy and quick service to book the dates that suit them throw Mawed.

Don't lose track

Give your customers an easy and quick service to book the dates that suit them throw Mawed.

Each successful scheduling

Enables merchants to generate the most revenue possible

Sadad Appointments


Accept Online Bookings

Bring Sadad booking system on board to streamline your business processes

Accept Payments

Take payments seamlessly and improve your customer’s experience

Integration & API

Turn your enterprise scheduling software into the enterprise business management software

Notifications via SMS/ Email

Send Confirmation SMS and email whenever appointments are booked and paid with date and time

Custom Features

Customise your appointment booking journey with Sadad settings

Online appointment booking made simple with a 3-steps setup Process


Set Your availability

and booking rules 


Share your booking link with your

customers or on Social Media


Accept online booking

and payments

Sadad Appointments

Flexible booking settings allow you to have complete control over your schedule

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Appointment System

can serve almost any industry segment


Online scheduling software helps you streamline appointments management because it protects you from duplicate booking and can get you more customers once you make the reservation easier for them.

Customers can see the available appointment slots on Merchant’s calendar and choose the more suitable for them, then Merchant accept and schedule the appointment directly from the software.

Sadad Appointment will help any business that needs appointment scheduling capabilities.

Sadad online scheduling software helps Merchants with reducing not attended appointments by enter customers credit cards or debit cards at the time of booking to prepay for their reservation.

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