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Sadad is a Qatari Platform for payment via internet and mobile

Application features

Sadad for payment solutions saved your time and effort

Secure payment system

Sadad provides a secure and fast electronic payment system

Saving time and effort

Sadad helps you save time and effort to accomplish simple conversion and payment processes

Documented financial transactions

Sadad documents your payment processes in accurate and computerized way

24/7 technical support

The Technical Support Team provides all support for a better online payment service

Increase Sales

Increase sales by attracting customers to deal financially in easy and secure ways

Payment in more than one way

Money can be paid and received in more than one way to suit all customers

Together to support electronic commerce in the State of Qatar


In Qatar now, and through Sadad for Payment Solutions, you can pay without having to carry credit cards or cash through getting benefit from integrated and diversified financial services.

Sadad is the key to your success for payment via internet and mobile.

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في دولة قطر الآن وعبر تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع، يمكنك الدفع بدون الحاجة إلى حمل بطاقات الإئتمان أو المبالغ النقدية الكبيرة من خلال الإستفادة من خدمات مالية متكاملة ومتنوعة.

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