5 Important Things You Must Know about E-Commerce Websites


5 Important Things You Must Know about E-Commerce Websites

16 Jul 2023 Share

Today, e-commerce is an important part of our modern life and lifestyle. It has many advantages such as speed and flexibility that we can benefit from. In general, it makes our life easier. But, on the other hand, they can steal from customers who don’t check their purchases or e-commerce platforms properly.

Customers do not check whether the merchant is working legally or not. Or is it safe to give him my personal data? Is the E-commerce website I’m dealing with is a candidate from other consumers, or has a lot of them experienced a bad experience? Are the products that will come to me from this site conform to security international standards or will it harm me? And other information that the customer must confirm before making any PPC transaction.

In this article we are going to highlight the important information the client should know about an E-commerce websites to make sure there is no fraud or theft there.

Data You Should Not Ignore While Purchasing Online 

With the increasing proportion of E-commerce in the world, we have seen many fake websites targeting online shopping enthusiasts as victims. The emergence of these sites make a lot awe-making any e-purchase for fear of falling into a fraud, which makes us wonder:

How Do We Make Sure We Are Dealing With A Trusted E-Commerce Website?

First, you should know that any entrepreneur wants to win the confidence of his clients and reassure them to make the purchase. By doing so he takes many legal steps to achieve this goal. These actions are translated into the web page, often called “About Us” or “Who We Are” or even “About Brand”, as well as the “Contact Us” page. These pages often contain:

  • Information about the brand’s history or the merchant you are going to deal with
  • Information about the official location of the company’s headquarters, and branches
  • Dedicated phone number
  • Official Email to receive requests and complaints
  • Fax number or land line number

It is ok to find such information, but this is not enough to reassure the client. There are many other steps that must be confirmed as follows:

1.Commercial Registration Of The Trader

Before making any e-purchase, you must first check the merchant’s commercial registration. Is he legal or not?

The commercial register of the merchant or company is a file in which data are collected for the business activity, and any changes or developments that occur.

The Commercial Register is considered:

  • A recognized legal document
  • Offers all information about the trader to deal with
  • Contains detailed details about the merchant’s financial center and its branches and stores
  • Documenting the eligibility of the merchant for these establishments or not
  • Offers confidence for the users
  • Offers statistical data that help the state to develop future development plans
  • Helps banks to inquire about their clients’ traders

Thanks to the development of Internet technology, it is easy to query the trade register of any merchant through the government gateway.

Many countries in the Arab World offer this service through their e-gateways. Just add the name of the company or merchant you wish to deal with, and you will automatically see all the information you want.

2. Certificates Or Seals Of Quality

Quality certificates are the best ways for traders to build trust with customers. You should make sure the trader has already had these certificates. This indicates the quality of the products offered on the platform, as well as their conformity with international standards. If you find on the merchant platform that he has obtained many recognized certificates in this area, this is a reassuring sign to complete the e-purchase deal immediately.

3. Links To Customer Reviews And Evaluations

Studies show that 77% of online shoppers review product evaluations before making a purchase decision. This high percentage has made merchants care about this section a lot and give their customers discretion.

You should be aware that sometimes some traders resort to fraudulent ways of writing some false positive comments as a way to increase customer confidence and convince the product. To avoid this, do not just evaluate the e-merchant platform, but also visit many global rating sites and review different links to consumer feedback.

4. Purchase Options

Whenever a trader offers many options to his users, this is a more reassuring sign to the purchasing. For example, the merchant resort to one of the e-gateways either through the phone such as SADAD app, or through direct contact with the bank or other options of purchase, it means that the merchant account registered merchant verified through the e-payment gateway used, or through the bank, So you are dealing with a legal dealer whose legitimacy has already been confirmed.

5. Inquire About Local Companies By A Direct Contact Or A Visit To One Of The Retail Outlets

You should check the platform you want to deal with before you make your purchase. Either by contacting them directly and finding answers that reassured you, or by visiting retail outlets if they have branches on the ground.


By following the above guidelines you will be able to make any purchase deal safely. If you want more security when dealing with any e-platform, you should try SADAD gateway, either by the WordPress or through the mobile app on play store and app store platforms.


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