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Need More Sales For Your E-Commerce Business? 10 Successful Strategies To Not Miss

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According to Statista, Internet users spent the last quarter of 2018 in e-purchasing. Everyone spent an average of $4.52 per visit and sales of $2.842 trillion, which is expected to increase to $4.878 trillion in 2021.

The high percentage of consumers spent most of their time buying fashion products. The percentage of clothes e-shoppers bought was 57%, while shoes was 47%. Electronics came in third place with 40%, followed by books, games and music by 36%, personal care by 32%, and food and beverages by 28%. Household appliances followed by 27%, furniture by 19%, and sports equipment by 18%, equivalent to the same percentage of toys and products of children. Personal supplies are in the penultimate position at 17%, while pet products are at the bottom of the list at 13%.

Of these, you can conclude that the fashion and electronics market represent great share of e-commerce. If you want to enter the field of e-shopping, I advise you to start in one of these markets, but first you have to know some basic strategies that will not only make you win, but how to increase these profits as well.

In this article, we are going to highlight the top 10 successful product marketing strategies, and how do these strategies help you increase your e-store profits? But first let’s start with e-marketing and define it:


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What Is E-Marketing?

Marketing is the art of meeting the needs and demands of people, by providing them with many services that receive their satisfaction and produce a certain benefit for them.

So you cannot say that marketing is a process that is limited to buying and selling only. The first goal is to satisfy customers’ needs/wants and give them the best possible buying experience, as well.

E-marketing is the latest kind of commercial marketing. It differs from traditional marketing that it has the immediacy and speed of ROI, although it has its rules and art.

Types of e-marketing:

  • E-marketing through commercial websites and forums
  • E-marketing through mobile phones
  • E-marketing through social networking sites
  • E-marketing through search engines
  • Email marketing
  • E-marketing through encyclopedias’ sites and e- indexes
  • E-marketing through video play sites
  • E-marketing through one click advertising
  • E-marketing through news sites

In this article we will focus on e-marketing in various commercial sites. We will help you know the most successful strategies that work on the success of these stores as follows:

1.Offer Details Of Each Product Separately

When you add products to your e-commerce platform, you need to ensure that each product is individually separated in single page and in an attractive way.

The images taken for each product must be professional and high quality. The images should be belonged to the owner of the site, and not to infringe on the intellectual rights of any image of the competitors.

The description of the product must contain its details, so do not leave a question in the customer’s mind that has not been answered. Tell him the specifications of the product, the best way to use it, as well as its price, and different payment mechanisms.

These specifications are formulated in an interesting marketing way, so that the reader feels the importance of this product and the need not to miss the opportunity to get it.

2.Add Sections/Categories

Classifications are important to help the customer find their desired product. The more specific and precise categories your website contains, the more satisfactory and encouraging the audience will be to do the purchasing.

Your sections should be directly related to your trade, it is unreasonable to have a section of men’s clothing in a site for women’s products. Also, it is unreasonable to find products that cause obesity in the site of medical services for slimming.

Classifications must therefore be directly related to the service offered by the e-commerce website, and must be formulated in a very direct way that helps the customer understand them. Computers and television screens, for example, are called electronics without any metaphors or even any attractive marketing phrase.

3.Customize The Homepage In Your Platform

If you have more than one e-platform, you should link your e-store to these platforms, and make sure your homepage contains:

  • Product Sections
  • Categories
  • Results pages
  • Best-selling products
  • New arrival products
  • Store information pages, privacy terms, terms and conditions, and FAQs
  • Method of registration and exit from the electronic platform
  • Page to compare products
  • Shopping cart page

4.Add Your Shopping Cart

Shopping cart is an added advantage to help increase the products you buy, and low your connection charges to consumers. When the shopping cart feature is available, the buyer can choose more than one product and make more than one purchase transaction. Plus he can buy them at the price of one delivery service. And of course, thus is benefiting both the customer and the merchant.

5.Add A Comparison Feature

The comparison feature helps to promote purchases for higher value and price. When someone buys a low-priced product and offers suggestions for another product that is higher in price and value, they will choose to buy the latter product as well as the cheaper product.

6.Answer Their Questions

When a customer visits your platform, it is normal to have some questions that need to be answered. Some of these questions are common among different shoppers such as how to buy, how to replace products and other similar questions. Here the trader can offer a specific section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

In the case of precise questions or one kind of product, the platform owner must offer another customer support service. This service may vary depending on the type of target audience. It can be as formal as the use of e-mails, or as modern as live chat, or through the most popular method of using telephone calls using a dedicated hotline.

7.Do zoom In And Out On Products

Zoom in and out is a great way to convince the user of the products quality. It is very important to zoom in and out on some Products such as jewelry and precious necklaces. It helps to examine and know the exact details of the product, and aesthetics related to it smoothly.

8.Offer discounts

Everyone likes to buy discounted products, especially those that seem like a rare opportunity. So, you should offer many discount offers to your audience. Be careful to formulate these offers in an attractive and interesting way for customers. Also make sure that these offers are real. Making fake counterfeit offers will discourage customer confidence in your store, and may not come back again.

9.Offer More Content, and More

Content is the most influential factor in e-business sales. Through it the product can appear as an irreplaceable product, and it can also appear to be a poor product despite its high quality.

So you have to be very interested in the content. Focus on its formulation in a smart and attractive marketing way.

10.Link The Store To Social Media

Many people spend their time on social media sites, so you should use this opportunity well and link your social media channels to your official website. It should be noted here that marketing is not focused on social media pages. Priority should be for the official website, while social media are used only to strengthen the relationship with the audience.

By following these guidelines you will be able to attract the audience to your e-commerce website as professionals do. You will understand the customer and meet his/her needs. So users will meet their needs and purchase from you, as well.

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