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How Do You Make Sure Your Data Is Secure When Using E-Payment Portals?

19 Mar 2019 Share

One of the most feared fears of a large number of people is E-financial transactions. One of the biggest concerns when dealing with these gates is one question:

Is My Money Safe?!

Security is all about this type of transaction. If you cannot find it , this may bring you many problems. The least difficult of them is the failure of conversions. The biggest is stealing your financial accounts and manipulating your personal identity as well. Certainly, no one wants to be exposed to any of these risks. When we resort to e-transactions, we resort to them for their ease, not to be exposed to fraud. For this we have written this article, and you will know the factors to consider while dealing with any e- payment portal in detail, citing an example of an e- portal you can trust with ease.

كيف تتأكد أن بياناتك في أمان عند استخدام بوابات الدفع الإلكتروني؟

What Are E-Payment Gates?!

E-payment gateways are one of the latest developments in the world of financial transactions. Its idea is that it is a link between the parties to financial transactions whether the transaction is made through a buyer and seller, a sender and a recipient, or between an individual and another or more individuals.

Multiple images and uses of e- payment gateways can be used for e-commerce, money transfers, bank deposits, e-shopping, or managing and tracking financial transactions.

The e- payment gateway is the safety  e- transactions. From the first moment a user decides to conduct a transaction, the portal tracks and encrypts the transaction so that it is not at risk of theft or fraud.

Payment Gateways  Track Financial Transactions By Following The Following Steps:

  • When a customer makes a decision to buy a product, transfer a payment, or pay a bill, the payment gateway checks the connection first, if there is a gap that allows the gate to be hacked or not.
  • After making sure that the connection process is secure, the payment gateway sends the user data that he has added to his bank account for registration.
  • Is the bank checking the user data, and the availability of balance in his personal account or not?
  • After ensuring that user data is secure, the bank encrypts the transaction and ensures that it is valid again before the debit deduction process.
  • After confirming the validity of the transaction, the amount due will be deducted, and send confirmation of the payment gateway to the validity of all data.
  • The payment gateway confirms the transaction to the recipient, whether it is an e-commerce site, a customer, or a company.
  • Once the client has confirmed the funds’ access, the portal completes the transaction successfully.

All of these procedures are carried out in a very short  time, and very firmly to ensure the integrity and termination of financial transaction as soon as possible. But these procedures are done in this way if the site deals with a reliable payment gateway. What if your portal is an unsafe gateway and it is easy to steal its data and expose its users to fraud?

To avoid making this mistake, we’ll tell you some basic criteria you should look for in each portal you visit. If you do not find these criteria, our only advice to you is to:

leave the site now

What Are The Factors That Must Be Taken Into Account When Dealing With E- Payment Gateway?

In this part of the article,  we will talk about the criteria and factors that must be taken into account when dealing with electronic portals as follows:

  • Check whether transactions are encrypted or not?

Before dealing with an e-payment gateway, you must first ensure that it is dealing with the point-to-point encryption system or what it claims to be binary authentication. This process maintains the communication process between the two parts of the process without being compromised by another user, or accessed by a third party without the knowledge of the owner.

P2PE process tracks all customer steps, from clicking on the purchase button, to filling out data, using shopping carts, synchronizing with the bank, and confirming the transaction.

All these steps are followed by the e- payment gateway, so as to prevent the infiltration of any person or intercepting or viewing the data sent.

  • Make sure the payment gateway works according to the Tokenization system

Tokenization is a complex process in the data security system, which converts sensitive and confidential data such as bank account numbers and other information into vague codes and numbers, so that it is difficult to know or detect.

These numbers are generated in a very random way, so this code cannot be traced  or used if it is decrypted.

  • Check whether the gateway has a PCI DSS certificate or not?

PCI DSS standards are among the most important criteria that any entity using e-financial transactions must adhere to in its field. The PCI DSS manual was established in 2006 to help merchants and financial institutions provide secure solutions for users.

The PCI DSS standards provide for the protection of private and confidential data of customers. Do not keep any financial account holder data on computers or in private records. Use a high-efficiency firewall and power. Encryption of data during the transmission process, especially during open public networks.

  • Review customer ratings and complaints

Many sites offer self-evaluation within their web platform. Take advantage of this feature to track user feedback about the quality of the e-payment portal. I also visit different review sites to ensure a complete image of the service.

  • Make sure the support team is always available to serve you

If you feel that selling or buying involves some unsatisfactory procedures, stop following the process and contact the support service. If you do not answer directly, or find that their answer to the questions is unprofessional, leave the platform immediately, even if their platform is reliable and not used for fraud, little experience will not protect you if there is any problem in the future.

If you do not know which portals you should use, let us point out to you one of the best payment solutions available in the market,  SADAD App. In this app  you will enjoy:

1-Secure payment gateway

2-Gateway PCI DSS, ISO 27001, MacAfee, and Comodo Secure

3-Gate that encrypts all its transactions from beginning to end

4- Sadad possesses a strong and expert support team

5-Sadad App owns 5+ rating on Google Store platform.

So much protection and security waiting for you with SADAD. Download the app here for Android , or here for IOS phones. You can also add SADAD tool to your website by adding it to WordPress.



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