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How Do You Offer Your Customers A Successful E-Store?

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Every e-commerce business is trying to reach his target audience in various ways and the most innovative. This competition has helped to develop e-commerce and give it many new privileges and options. On the other hand, it makes things difficult for the e-merchant itself. Now reaching customers and persuading them of the marketing message, has become much more complex.

This complexity has a significant impact on the e-store and its rate of profit.

In this article we are going to highlight the most important actions each trader must take, not only to win and attract customers, but also to have a successful e-store capable of overcoming competitors.

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Signs That You Have A Successful E-Store

According to Statista, the rate of e-shoppers reached 1.66 billion in 2017,and by 2021 this rate will increase to 2.14 billion, or 21.8% of the world’s population. This percentage represents your target audience, which you must succeed in attracting to your e-store, and giving them a wonderful shopping experience that makes them visit you again.

Now, we are going to discuss the most important steps that every trader should take to give his target client a successful e-commerce platform.

1.Understand The Market

Before starting e-commerce business, you first have to study the field in general. You have to know what advantages you can give the audience. And which of their own desires can you satisfy.

For Example, You cannot set up a clothing store and you’re relying on more appropriate marketing strategies to sell electronics. You cannot talk to the audience of make-up as car audience. There are many considerations that effectively affect the way your e-platform appears in the mind of the public. The first one is to understand the market you intend to break into and study well.

2.Organize Products In Sections

After deciding what consumers you want, and which strategy you will use to attract them, you should go to the second step: Coordination. Offering a coordinated and attractive platform for them is to be as follows:

  • Clear Sections: Divide your products into sections that contain a comprehensive name that is directly related to the section. Do not use metaphors. If the section is related to cosmetics, write cosmetics. Do not write “The Secret Of Your Beauty”, “Your Way To Idealism” or other phrases, just express the section directly and comprehensively.
  • Expressive Image: Put high-quality and professional images of each product. They should be real and yours. Do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of other sites, and do not display deceptive images contrary to reality.
  • Accessibility: Add sorting options to show the audience the most wanted products, newly arrived products, the highest and lowest priced products, as well as products according to their brand.
  • Flexible Browsing: Revise Google’s guidelines for the infinite scrolling of products, and keep the consumer from boredom while browsing products.
  • Utilize The Power Of Evaluations: View product ratings, and each product should have  all the details the customer needs, with an attractive and marketing formulation.

3.Give Them Safe And Fast Payment Methods

When making a purchase decision, the shopper becomes very cautious, especially when conducting e-financial transactions. He needs reassuring ways to help him feel safe and comfortable, as well as protect him while meeting a problem.

E-payment gateway is the best and most successful way to solve this dilemma. It is a safe gateway between the merchant and the customer, ensuring that money reaches the e-merchant easily and safely.

It guarantees the right of the customer to receive the products according to what has been agreed upon. E-payment gateway also checks and encrypts the communication processes, ensuring that deals between the parties are confidential and that they are not infringed by third parties.

SADAD e-Payment Gateway is one of the best payment gateway solutions, offering customers an easy, fast, and free payment service. It is the cheapest in the world, and the first in the MENA Region.

4.Give Them Attractive Discounts

It’s a good matter to give your audience a high-quality product that meets their needs and market requirements, as well. But giving them additional features is a professional and excellent approach. You will be the first option to the customer if he knows that your site gives him exclusive benefits such as discounts, gifts, or bundled offers at a convenient price. If you want to have a successful e-store that has many customers, give them a lot of attractive offers and discounts.

5.Communicate Directly With Them Via Chat Or E-mail

You should offer an expert technical support service for your e-mail, and offer all available means to communicate with the audience according to their cultures. For example, personal communication enthusiasts, offer them a mobile number that they can communicate with. Offer social networking fans the instant messaging service like Messenger. Also offer the official fans the e-mail service.

You should hurry to answer the customer’s questions quickly and professionally.

6.Make Their Personal Information Safe

While creating your e-store, the platform must include a privacy section, which contain all the terms and conditions to which both parties are bound. Plus the limits on the use of customer data, and ensure that they are not shared or exploited in non-conditions.

Having these conditions helps you build a trust between you and the customers. Such a procedure gives your platform a more professional and more serious mental image.

7.Design Your Own Profile Page And Show Your Partners

Identifying yourself and your business to your customers is very important. Your e-platform is your identity card. Consider adding a special section to talk about your services, your vision and your mission. Plus the partners you have dealt with, as well as success stories.

All these parts give your platform credibility in the commercial field, and help to consolidate your mental image in the minds of users.

8.Build Confidence By Ensuring Transparency In Customer Reviews

In a poll conducted by Podium Suggest, the results showed that  93%  of online shoppers make the purchase decision according to the product ratings. The importance of valuations is not only about giving customers the freedom to review their purchasing experience, but also helping to convince other target customers, and giving your online store a positive image, especially if the ratings are very good.

9.Make Your Platform Responsive To Smartphone Browsing

When building your e-store, it’s important to keep smartphone browsing flexible. Mobile purchases account for more than 82% of e-shopping, and mobile e-commerce itself is growing significantly from traditional browsers or shopping.

10.Give A Free Delivery Service And Quickly Browse The Platform

When you give your customers a free delivery service, you’re giving your brand a significant competitive advantage. When comparing similar e-stores in the same service, the audience needs to discover exclusive features that help them to make a purchasing decision, including free delivery.

This feature will not only help you differentiate between your competitors, but will give consumers a greater sense of freedom when ordering or retrieving products, which will make them take the purchasing step without thinking about losing money in the shipping or delivery process.

We also recommend that you keep your e-store fast and the quality of your searches. It is not reasonable that someone searches for a product, finds another that has appeared to it. Also, it is unacceptable that your store pages take more than 3 seconds to appear. If your platform load period exceeds this period, you are scientifically and commercially losing your customer’s attention in the first impression.


In this article we have shown you the best recommendations to consider when designing a successful e-store.

Now, you should know that you can give your customers the seamless payment feature through SADAD app here. You can also create an attractive e-store through SADAD Payment Solutions. Download the app here for Android platforms, and here for iOS platforms.

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