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How Do E-Payment Services Help You As a Freelancer?

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In a study published in 2018 and applied to more than 170 countries around the world, the number of freelancers in the United States alone has exceeded one-third of the whole US workforce, and is likely to reach more than 50% by 2027. While in India, the number of freelancers exceeded 15 million, and this number is on the way to increase. For the EU,  the number of freelancers is the fastest  in the labor market.

According to a study published by Staffingindustry, companies are becoming more familiar with the use of freelancers by more than 72%, and 36% are willing to hire them for other traditional employees.

All these numbers tell you that the freelance is a new way of earning money. It is also a fierce competitor that threatens the traditional jobs and the existence of work system in its current form as a whole. If you want to know more about freelance, just follow these lines.

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What Is Freelance?

Freelance, emerged as a result of the revolution of the Internet and the resulting e-recruitment sites. A person working in this field is freelancer, which means that he is not obliged to commit to a business contract towards a company or to restrict time or place.

As a result of the Internet technological development, the freelancer is able to agree to the tasks that suit him, and deal with customers from around the world. We do not mean that the freelancer does not have any obligations towards the service applicant. There are many measures taken to guarantee the right of the two parties, but what we mean here is that telecommuting dealing is the best way for those who are not interested in traditional business rules and obligations.

According to statistics, 68% of service request for freelancers come from North America. While Europe comes second with 51%, South America 21%, Asia by 18%, then the Middle East ranked in the penultimate by 9%, then Africa comes in last place by up to 7%.

From the previous percentages you can conclude that the Arab countries occupy the end of the list. This result is due to several reasons. The most important are the lack of collective awareness of the field of freelance and skills required by this field. Second is ignorance of the appropriate ways to collect money. In this part of the article we will highlight the last part of the problem:

How Do You Collect Your Money As a Freelancer?

Being freelancer will make you deal with different personalities and nationalities all over the world. Will you rely on a bank transfer method and incur multiple costly charges? Are you going to use traditional transferring methods? Will you wait for days to get money by mail?

All these solutions are inappropriate and unacceptable as well. Presenting any of these methods to the client will not only put you in a wrong position, but will also convey the wrong picture of being a beginner who does not live up to the level of professionals in your business, even if your experience is high.

 The solution is: Payment Solutions Gateways.

What Are Payment Gateway Solutions?

Payment Solutions Gateway is a safe path to e-financial transactions. This guarantees the right of both parties to financial transactions, transferring money to the seller – in your case as a freelancer – and confirming the delivery of the service to the customer.

E-payment gateways are the foundation of e-commerce. Without them, e-platform owners cannot offer their products for sale online, and customers do not trust the security and integrity of e-transactions. The same mechanism for which payment gateways are used in e-commerce can also be exploited to your freelance. Through payment gateways you can:

  • Electronic agreements are held with customers
  • Invoices for collection of funds are issued
  • Add conditions for the work or product and the mechanism of its use
  • Sending and receiving funds
  • Documenting financial transactions and its details by time and date

Let me tell you how e-payment gates work with one type of them: SADAD payment solutions

SADAD is a mobile app issued in 2018. SADAD is one of the e-payment services forms belonging to the mobile financial services category.

SADAD is designed to be a free and secure window for all e-financial transactions. Thanks to the advantages it offers to its customers, anyone can make deals by a click.

If you are a fan of collecting stamps and rare objects and want to sell them, you can easily do so. You can even create an e-store to show your products using SADAD. All you have to do is:

  • Open the e-mail app from your personal phone
  • Open your account on SADAD
  • Choose an e-store service
  • Add photos of each product and its details, delivery dates and quantities available, as well as terms of delivery or retrieval.
  • By completing the above details you can easily publish the link to the store through your social media, and you can also send it in text messages to customers.
  • There is also an advantage that SADAD offer you. You can add the product to a special invoice and send it to the customer so that he can pay the money directly.

If your services do not fit in an e-store, that’s fine. SADAD also gives you the billing and financial management feature. So you can send invoices for your services directly to customers as a text message with SADAD link. Then archiving these deals and converting them into a documented record of all your deals and services offered.

E-financial transactions is not the issue you should worry about. SADAD e-gateway gives you many of security guarantees you can see from here. For cost, SADAD is offered free of charge to customers and its services are the cheapest around the world.

Download SADAD now from the Google Play Store here, or from App Store here. You can also enjoy adding SADAD to e-commerce plugin to your websites by downloading it from here .

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