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Customer Retention In E-Commerce: How To Do It?

88%  of visitors do not repeat their visits after a bad experience.  94% of them judged the site from the first impression of its main page. 74% take the decision to continue browsing the site based on the overall layout of the home page. We tell you these statistics to see them as business losses if you ignore the advice on this topic.

In this article, we are going to speak about the best ways to keep your visitors on your website for as long as possible based on the above statistics.

Customer Retention In E-Commerce: How To Do It

Any e-merchant wants to keep customers on the platform for long time. The more time they spend on the site, the more convinced they are of the services/products they offer, and the more sales you automatically achieve. If you want to keep customers on your website as long as possible, follow these tips:

1.Reduce The Load Time Of The Website

According to studies, the slow load of the Web sites caused financial losses of $ 2.6  billion per year. These losses occur because most consumers lose interest in the e-store if the site takes more than 2 Seconds to load, or 39% of them if the image takes too long to appear.

To resolve this problem, you need to maintain the page loading speed to not take more than two seconds to load. Also, keep in mind that the images are compressed so that they can appear as quickly as possible. Here you can use web developers to help you reduce the number of pages you upload, as well as the storage of temporarily saved files in your browser’s server.

2.Do Not Make Promises That You Can’t Commit With

Some go to counterfeit marketing methods, such as writing deceptive headlines or spreading false promises that attract customers. This strategy is successful in getting traffic, but it is very unsuccessful in keeping them. It will not be long before the audience discovers that the content has nothing to do with the title, or that the site cannot deliver on that promise. Then the consumer will not only leave your platform, but will not repeat his visit again for this bad experience.

3.Provide Valuable Content To Attract Customers

Content is one of the most important elements to consider when establishing a marketing platform in general and e-commerce website in particular. For achieving this goal, be sure to choose content that matches your brand’s mental image, tone, and targeted audience. Do not use many complex scientific terms. Keep in mind that content role is entertaining and educating. Don’t use slang language if you’re targeting high-class clients.

The content on the platform should not only be limited to just offering products or its benefit, but also the terms and conditions for dealing with your website, answering the frequently asked questions (FAQs), and of course the section the section of about us.

So, care must be taken to ensure that the (About Us) page of the site includes all the details of the owner and his business background, and contact details as well.

According to studies, 44% of shoppers leave e-platforms if they do not find a way to communicate with the website team or more information about this business.

According to another study, users need just 5.59 seconds to see the written content of a website. If this content cannot attract them within these few seconds, they will leave immediately.

4.Add Attractive Call To Action

Offering high-quality products and content, forgetting call to action is a great waste of all your previous efforts. The previous steps help convince audience of your services/products and make them close to buy them. But the absence of a compelling call to action makes him hesitant to take a decision. According to a study published by Invision App, 70% of SME businesses usually forget to write a call to action on their websites, causing them to suffer many quick losses due to poor purchasing rate.

You need to make a direct, candid, and appealing CTA on your website to keep visitors oriented.

5.Offer Attractive Discounts

 Discount offers are one of the best marketing strategies used to attract customers. Everyone likes to have attractive opportunities, and wants to win many wonderful discount offers.

If someone visits your e-platform and finds it full of attractive and impressive discounts, these offers will definitely drive him to spend as much time as possible on your platform.

Attention here that these offers are attractive, clear and real as well. Do not let the consumer be fooled by fake discounts to find out that what has been deducted has been added to the delivery fee. Or it is fake discounts generally.

6.Block Pop-ups

It is very annoying for any visitor to an e-commerce website to open the main interface and find dozens of pop-ups have been opened automatically. The traditional reaction that anyone might take in this situation is to close the website immediately. So be sure to prevent pop-ups from appearing on your website, and do not send any notice or message to your audience without their consent.

7.Offer A Safe Payment Method

If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to keep your target audience as long as possible. The last – and the most important indeed – is to give them a free and secure way to pay, so they can make the purchase at the lowest possible cost and also secure it.

This point can be easily achieved by downloading SADAD app. You can also enjoy the billing management and e-store service easily by using SADAD app here for Android devices, or here for iOS devices.

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