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A Look Behind The Scenes Of E-Payments

31 Oct 2019 Share

A large number of e-purchasing takes place daily. Some of them may be carried out very easily, and some may go through many complicated steps. In both cases, the deal takes place within a few seconds – long or short – according to the e-gateway used by the e-merchant. These few seconds, which can cause someone to get bored and leave the purchase process, are many complicated things without which your deals will never go safe. Actually, it is complicated than can you imagine.

In this article, we are going to have a look behind the scenes of e-payments. We will know what e-payment is, and how it is completed. What are the steps followed to get a successful deal from the two parts? We will also offer you one of the best Arabic payment gateways you should use.

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What Is E-payment?

E-payment is one of the modern methods of payment. It comes as a result of technology development and its entry into the world of financial transactions. The idea comes from offering flexible means of payment for users by financial institutions and banks. These means reserve the rights of both the trader and the customer, and helps to complete remote transactions safely.

E-payment methods vary from credit cards, wire transfers, and e-payment apps. Companies and banks providing these services guarantee the payment of the merchant’s debt and the validity of the transaction itself. Companies do the same to the e-shopper. They guarantee their right to receive the service or product they have purchased, and maintain the security and privacy of their data. So, e- payment process is one of the best modern ways to complete financial transactions, it is easier, safer, and faster.

How Are E-payments Completed?

As we know, e-payments take just few seconds to be done. The surprise is that there are a lot of complicated things going on behind these few seconds.

Now, we will uncover this process a little bit.  Follow the next lines, and I promise they will not have any complicated technical details.

In an extensive article published by John Sonek (Head of Procurement at A Capture Company) in the Trade and Payments Guide 2018-2019, as well as paypers online platform, we talked about the track of money being paid through e-payment platforms. He speaks about the route that money takes in this virtual journey through e-payment gateway to reach both ends of the deal are as follows:

1.The Customer Completes The Purchase Process

The process of moving money starts from the step in which the client decided to make the purchase order. Once the customer has added the details of the payment method used, personal data and other information required, and clicked the purchase button, the process of checking the account begins. The e-merchant asks the payment gateway that he deals with: Is this process real and safe?

2.The Merchant Requested Verification Of The Customer’s Account

When the merchant receives the customer’s information, he automatically requests verification of the user’s balance, as well as the correctness of his or her personal data. This process is done by asking the merchant of e-payment service provider to make sure that the bank balance of the account holder allows the purchase transaction or not. Also, has the user account been charged with theft or not?

3.Confirm If The Service provider Complete The Deal Or Not

When the bank or intermediary company dealing with the merchant checks the user’s data and bank balance, he automatically sends a report to him indicating whether the transaction has been approved or canceled because it does not agree to the terms.

4.Deduction Of Outstanding Money

After the bank or intermediary firm confirms the purchasing transaction, the amount due is deducted from the customer’s balance and transferred to the merchant’s balance.


If the merchant does not commit the order to the customer, or does not comply with the terms agreed upon by the parties, the e-payment gateway will guarantee the refund of money back to the customer and settlement of disputes between the parties of the transaction. This point is one of the most important points a user should take care of when dealing with an e-payment gateway.

In addition to these processes, the e-payment gateway handles the encryption of the communication process. It takes care of its protection, and privacy from the violation.  The whole process happened in just a few seconds not felt by either side of the purchasing process, whether the merchant or the customer. Thanks to e-payment gateways, and more than thanks to the technology used in such a process.

SADAD Payment Gateway

SADAD is one of the e-payment services that we mean, but it is distinct from other services being:

  • The world’s cheapest in terms of cost
  • The first in the Middle East offering free payment services
  • The first in the Middle East to provide QR Code payment services
  • The first in Qatar as an e-payment solution

With SADAD, you can finally release money or credit cards and enjoy comprehensive management of all your transactions with few clicks on your mobile phone screen. All these advantages without fearing of any expensive fees.

You can download the app here for Android, or here for iOS platforms.

You can manage your various bills, create your own store, deposit or transfer money, and archive and document all your transactions with SADAD. Download SADAD now and enjoy security and flexibility you need.


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