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When You Should Worry: 6 Signs To Stop Using Your Credit Card In Online Payment

Despite the technological development, and information security and protection e-fraud always finds a way. E-commerce is tempting land for scammers. Millions of people are buying tons of products every day and billions of dollars are spent. It is a temptation they can’t miss. So, they plant thousands of traps.

Traps like fake websites, unreal auctions, unsecured online payment portals, and more are waiting outside. They develop their methods exactly as technology develops. Normal users are the victims of these traps, especially in the lack of security awareness. 

So, the first step is awareness enrichment. Yes, it is not the only procedure but it is a good start. Awareness reduces the rate of hackers and scammers attacks. This is the main goal of this article: Awareness. Let’s start. 

 6 Signs To Stop Using Your Credit Card In Online Payment - Sadad Payment Solutions - Sadad.qa - article image

What is E-Fraud?

Generally, fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right (Wikipedia). E-Fraud or Internet Fraud is a type of fraud which makes use of the Internet (Wikipedia).

Basically, e-fraud occurs for the purpose of money theft. Scammers do e-fraud to steal the money of online payment users. But also it could be happened to violate personal data to use illegally or in illicit use.

According to Global Fraud Report for 2018 there are almost 63% of companies that had been attacked by hackers, and heavy losses inflicted. 72% of them are feeling threatened all the time and applying more security procedures.

Previous numbers told us that both of users and websites are exposed to e-fraud. To be honest, this article doesn’t face these threats comprehensively. But it gives you the basics of security concepts to protect yourself. Consider it as awareness article that helps you to keep yourself safe as much as you can. So, avoid the following:

1.Requesting Financial Information to Login

If you visit a website or e-commerce platform, you mustn’t add credit card information absolutely, except in the online payment phase. The logical procedure is browsing products, choosing the preferable item/s, and finally buying it. In this phase only, you have to add credit card information under appropriate security precautions.

If you visit a website that asks you to give these information as a login basic condition, don’t give it to him, and leave this unsecured website at once.

2.Decision Acceleration

Although shopping and buying online is an easy and simple process, the e-commerce business is very crowded with tens of competitors. So, it is hard – for user – to take a decision after the first visit. E-commerce platforms know that well. They help him by many persuasion messages (through mailing list or social media channels). These messages are designed professionally by expert copywriters. They convince user and affect him emotionally to take a decision that he believes is the right decision. This is what strong brands and professional do for their businesses. What about others?

Scammers has no patience to build this long relationship with users. They like the principle of (hit & run). So, they shower user with a barrage of messages. Scammers accelerate you to take a decision with them by anyway. Real and solid brands are sure of what they offer, so they move slow but sure.

3.They Offer Excessive Discounts

It is the most famous approach in e-fraud. It easily attracts victims. Imagine with us: Required product + 85% discount! It is hard to resist. This professional scammer made his best by designing an attractive and persuasive website, too.

The victim doesn’t check or even think. He took the decision immediately and lost his card balance or his financial data.

4.Spam Mails

When you visit a trusted website, you may find an opt-in form that invites you to add your name and mail in return of a simple and direct benefit (like: eBook, Newsletter, Discount, Special Offer, etc.). This is a permission for the website to send you promotions by mail. Also, emails you receive, you find an Unsubscribe button at the bottom of each message.

The other website doesn’t care about your privacy. They think in profit by anyway. So, they fill your mailbox with spam mails that you are not interested in, and it may be harmful for your PC. Usually, it is converted by default to the spam folder in your email box. But for protection purposes keep deleting them continuously.

5.Using Unfriendly Tricks

Sometimes you visit a page for an offer, and when you try to click (Back) or (Close) you interrupted by a popup message. This is a kind of unpleasant experience for the user. Such websites are unsafe to deal with.

If you visit it for any reason, don’t close it, but shut down your PC or restart it immediately to stop it completely.

6. There is No Terms & Conditions

There is a big difference between a website that is built to run a business and another that is built to deceive people . The last one doesn’t care about all sections of the website. So, he may forget a side information like Terms & Conditions of the website. Usually, he takes care about the home products pages, and ignores the important and complicated details of Terms and Conditions.

Some of them think he can overcome this issue. So, he copies another website’s Terms & Conditions, or write it carelessly. When you read it carefully you will discover that it is not logic or related to the website itself.

Also, some of them write a complicated Terms & Conditions that is hard to understand. The main purpose of such one is confusing you to leave the page without reading, and accept it carelessly. Well, this is another trap to watch out.

Terms & Conditions (or Privacy Policy) should be clear enough to understand for normal user. If you found it complicated or not understandable, leave it at once.

Don’t be afraid of going online whether you are a buyer or e-commerce business owner. Now, we have SADAD Payment Solutions that offers many benefits to make you safe online.

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