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5 Reasons To Join The E-Commerce Market In Qatar

20 May 2019 Share

The e-commerce is considered one of the most developing marketplaces in the world. As its sales reached 3.45 trillion $ in 2018. And it’s expected to be multiplied to 4.5 trillion $ in 2021. The demand on e-commerce is increasing day by day, especially startups, as it’s a platform that doesn’t need a big fund. Also its establishment is less complicated and more flexible compared with the traditional retails. The easiness isn’t the only factor to attract entrepreneurs to this field, but as all the indicators are heading for the e-trade future, consequently the customers now are spending more than 5 hours weekly on e-shopping. And if the rate continues that way, the e-purchasing will be expected to reach in 2040 more than 95%.

These indicators give us a small sight of progress and prosperity e-commerce. If you wish to enter this field and get a place among businesses pioneers in the Arab World, what about recommending one of the countries which provides a suitable environment for the refreshment and development of e-commerce?

Why Qatar Is Appropriate Environment For E-Commerce Business?

Unfortunately, MENA Region comes late in the list of the most interested countries in e-ecommerce. Asian countries is coming first, followed by North America, Western Europe, Eastern and Central Europe, Latin America, and finally the Middle East and Africa.

5 Reasons To Join The E-Commerce Market In Qatar - Sadad.qa

It is so bad to know that, but while world is going to invade the e-commerce industry with all power, Arab world is still taking first steps to know this field. Qatar noticed this problem early and took action. Qatar built a strategic plan in order to get out of this critical situation. They worked hard to enter e-commerce industry and compete strongly as soon as possible.

Qatar’s proactive steps in this field helped it to reach many amazing results in short time. It is now one of the leading Arab countries in the field of e-commerce, and from the most developed markets as well.
In this article, we will highlight the Qatari experience by addressing the reasons that lead you as an entrepreneur to enter the Qatari e-commerce as follows:

1. The Largest Market In MENA Region

Qatar is one of the largest e-marketplaces in the Middle East and North Africa. If you want to deal with a marketplace that understands the mechanism of e-dealing and is well prepared for it, there is nothing better than the Qatar e-marketplace. Qatar Government provides a special service for investors in this type of trade. They are providing an electronic support platform to educate entrepreneurs the e-commerce industry and how does it work, and help them take their first steps through it.

2. 260 $ is the Average value for each e-purchase in Qatar

For more than a year, Qatar topped the list of the richest countries in the world, where the individual‘s share reached 128.060 $ of the total national income, while the gross domestic product reached 338.82 billion $. This led to an increase in personal spending on luxury products, especially in e-purchasing. The average e-purchase by the Qatari citizen is 260 $. So you have unlimited number of chances to show products to this audience. Unlike some countries, your decisions will not be limited to medium or cheap products. On the contrary, you can sell any kind of products and you will find buyers immediately. If you have a project that specializes in sale of luxury products, Qatar should be your first choice.

3. The Facilities Provided By The Government For E-Commerce

Qatar Government is convinced of the importance of e-commerce in reviving the national economy, besides its role in attracting entrepreneurs and investors. So it makes many distinctive facilities to provide a healthy atmosphere responsive to this type of business and an experienced in it.

In addition to its facilities offered to investors, the Government of Qatar educates citizens the mechanism of electronic transactions when conducting financial transactions. Qatar and the United Arab of Emirates are among the first countries in the Arab world and the Middle East to transfer their local governments to e-space. These governments provide the same services they have provided on the ground, but now in a more automated, safer and more flexible way.

Services such as car registration, issuing licenses, paying fines, passports, flight reservations and other services are all applied through the Internet.

So you are here in front of a large, cultured and experienced marketplace and an expert in using e-financial transactions. So, you will not have a lot of problems that face beginners in this field, plus don’t need to teach Qatari citizens the importance and speed of e-commerce, as they already have experienced it.

4. Qatar Vision 2030

Qatar sets a comprehensive socio-economic development vision that must be achieved by 2030. This vision sets a firm plan that Qatar must take in order to achieve the desired overall development. Among the objectives set out in Qatar Vision 2030: Developing tools and methods used by citizens.

This goal will only be achieved through the development of methods used, including changing traditional payment methods. Now you see that all parts are concord to provide a rich present and future for e-ecommerce in Qatar. So, you don’t have to worry about popular government obstacles that delay the release of your company. Plus the strong infrastructure that it had been ready for this type of trade. So, all methods of technology are being provided in your hands as well as customer’s hands.

5. Value of Qatar E-Commerce

Qatar e-commerce market is expected to reach 3.2 billion $ by 2020, as it was 1.2 billion $ in 2017. These numbers had been confirmed by the e-commerce unit of the Qatari Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, given the facilities it places for users and the obstacles it removes away from merchants.


Qatar is a promising market for e-commerce business. It provides the required infrastructure for this type of business. It provides appropriate support from both of government and businessmen. And there is no need to mention the great advantages of having high purchasing power customers with awareness. All these advantages are added together to provide you with an attractive and fertile market for your next project. So what are you waiting for?!

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