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What Do You Need To Create Your E-Store ?

Global trends are moving towards e-commerce growth. E-business transactions are likely to reach 95% by 2040, and sales will double to 4.5 trillion by 2021, compared to 2017 sales estimated at $ 2.3 trillion.

These statistics are not just predictions or huge numbers promising, but a reality in which the work is being studied and developed. If you don’t cope with it, it will be a certain failure.

What Do You Need To Create Your E-Store | Article Image shopping cart

Why Should You Own An E-store?

E-commerce is one of the most successful and secure areas that open its arms to entrepreneurs. Online shopping accounts for 10% of retail sales around the world, increasing by 15% every year.

If you want to have a secure and profitable project, e-commerce is the easiest way to do it.

Owning an e-shop means you are the sole control of the platform with all its elements. Unlike conventional retailers, they will not enter the maze of looking for a partner, waste much time extracting government papers for the development or expansion of the store, or at the mercy of the trade market and its constant changes.

You are free to design your own internal pages, free in the type of products you add to it, and free for product pricing.

Having  e- store will not only help you control the image you want to appear in front of your audience, but also help you know your audience in a more professional and detailed way. The Internet is full of many great extensions that will help you analyze user data and preferences.

E-store helps you build a strong relationship with your users. You can easily connect with your loyal business and convince them of  many temptations that help keeping them and increasing their number.

As we mentioned earlier, the rate of e-commerce is increasing compared to traditional trade. The former is preparing to take over the top of commercial transactions, while the latter is coming to an end.

So sticking to the traditional trade is nothing more than a loss attempt.

The e-store helps you save time  for your customers to engage in a lot of verbal dialogues to query products.

All they want to know will be available in your platform whether it is the shape of the product, its details, its features, the way it is sold and delivered.

The e-store also helps you to document your trade name on cyberspace. Your presence on the Internet, especially in the form of an e-store, will help increase the confidence of your business, and your name will appear in the search engines as well.

The e-store also helps you to document your trade name on cyberspace. Your presence on the Internet, especially in the form of an e-store, will help increase the confidence of your business, and your name will appear in the search engines as well.

The e-store also helps you to add, delete, and edit product details. Unlike conventional retailers, you will not have to hire workers to change the order of appearance, add new ones, or remove some.

With the e-store you will be able to do this with ease and with the push of a button.

By owning e-store you can also have a financial accountant and an expert data logger.

You do not need to document all your financial transactions manually. The site will do this automatically, and other applications will analyze this data and convert it into detailed information.

All of these possibilities are more available to your e-store, all you have to do is to take action to find out the following:

What Do You Need To Create An E-store?

  • Choose a domain name that is appropriate for your business

The first step before you decide to create an  e- store is to decide what your domain name will be. Do not underestimate this process. Choosing a name that is easy and unique and has not yet been booked is a very difficult process.

  • Choose a suitable hosting platform

Web hosting platforms are like water and air for humans. Any site cannot continue to exist in the Internet without a private hosting platform.

  • Have a free SSL certificate

SSL certification is one of the most important security standards that must be available on your platform. It helps to reassure your customers that this platform is safe to use and is ready for financial transactions as well.

  • Create a site for you on WordPress

WordPress is one of the best platforms that will help you create a website for yourself. All you have to do is to  follow some simple steps, which you will not need to know beforehand with programming rules, or establishing platforms.

  • Add WooCommerce

WooCommerc is one of the best tools for WordPress, an add-on that helps you convert your site into an e-store with the ability to edit and add,  and control your payment method.

There are many payment gateways that you can add to your platform, but we recommend that you add the SASAS payment gateway. It is a unique Arabic gateway that is characterized by the quality of its services as well as the cost of financial transactions.

  • Add products

After converting your website to a premium store, add the product to it, taking into account the following:

  • The quality of the images you upload for each product
  • The strength of the content of each product and its ability to attract and convince customers
  • Product details do not conflict with product image
  • Integrate the details of the products so that there is no question that the product did not answer
  • Avoid adding a product you do not own on the ground
  • Avoid deceptive images that are irrelevant to reality
  • Avoid phantom and deceptive offers
  • Avoid placing a price that is not commensurate with the real product value
  • Offer your clients financial facilities, as well as attractive offers
  • Select the appropriate template

After adding the products, choose the appropriate template that helps to display them in an attractive and distinctive way to the audience. Take care at this point that the template  is suitable for the type of audience you target. It is unreasonable to target your men by trading, and use a pink female color scheme.

  • Use the plugins

WordPress contains more than 50,000 different additions, many of which are designed for e-commerce sites that will help you analyze and study your target audience. As well as help organize your appearance on search engines, and increase your sales.

Another Way To Create An E-store

You can avoid all previous steps by creating an e-store using SADAD Payment Solutions. In this case you will not need to create a merchant account at local banks and you have to pay large amounts to extract.

You have to open a free account on the SADAD, and click on Create an e-store options.

The option to create an e-store on an app gives you the following features:

  • Add unlimited number of products
  • Add images of each product with its full details, delivery conditions, number and price due.
  • Publish products via social networking sites, and share them in private messages on chat apps such as Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Producing, archiving and documenting electronic invoices in time and date.

You can download SADAD app and create an e-store easily by uploading it to the Android platform here, or to the IOS platform from here.

Speed up your e-business now, the future does not wait for anyone.