What are the online payment methods available in Qatar


What are the online payment methods available in Qatar ?

15 Mar 2023 Share

E-commerce has developed very rapidly in the last decade, and the variety of online payment methods has accelerated the spread of e-commerce. Now, a large part of consumers from all categories rely almost entirely on electronic commerce in their dealings from the sale and purchase or exchange of products, services and information. Multiple online payment methods are easy for both the consumer and the merchant to purchase and sell. New online payment products have been issued, such as online payment through PayPal and electronic payment through the mobile applications (Sadad Qatar for online payment solutions); in addition to the traditional method of credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).

What is the online Payment?

It is one of the ways to pay all your daily, weekly or monthly obligations electronically online. It is also a system characterized by submission to the laws, which makes all financial movements are conducted in strict confidentiality; to ensure the protection and safety of the user and his transactions. The electronic payment system has emerged in conjunction with the emergence of e-commerce, so it is considered to be closely related to ICTs, which complement its electronic procedures from the sale, purchase, exchange of services, products and others.

Characteristics of e-payment:

  1. Facilitating the purchase and financial transactions securely.
  2. Easy to handle (through mobile) instead of carrying cash everywhere.
  3. Saving time and effort.
  4. Guarantee all rights to the merchant and customer during the sale and purchase process until the end.

It is noteworthy that Qatar has a competitive trading advantage based on stable foundations of global efficience and stable economic environment with an effective market, and the most characteristic of the Qatari economy is to maintain its rapid growth, which is one of the fastest growing economies in the world; E-commerce, enhancing the use of electronic payment and developing its means for secure and smooth e-commerce operations that guarantee user protection and transactions.

What are the most popular electronic payment methods used in Qatar?

  1. Payment by prepaid cards (Credit Card).
  2. Payment by bank transfers.
  3. Payment through the transfer companies (Western union, etc.).
  4. Payment through special websites (PayPal).
  5. Payment through mobile applications (such as Sadad application for payment solutions).

The latter is one of the most important means of electronic payment, which is a service to transfer money electronically via mobile application. Sadad for Payment Solutions is one of the most important electronic payment methods in Qatar. It provides smart digital payment services on the Internet in an easy and secure way and with international standards; so that people never feel the need to carry cash or bank cards again in Qatar.

The main objectives of Qatari Sadad for Payment Solutions:

  1. Support the development of e-commerce in the State of Qatar.
  2. Contribution in promoting the establishment of a non-monetary economy in Qatar.
  3. Adaptation with Vision 2030 to lead Qatar in the promotion and growth of e-commerce.
  4. Saving time and effort to customers and users securely.

Therefore, Sadad Payment Solutions is the best and safest way to facilitate online payment in Qatar in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, which enhances the safety and protection of the user and the rights of all parties to the business process.

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