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The 9 Recommendations of The Qatari Government To Build A Successful Website

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Owning a website is one of the basic assets of any business. Now, it is not enough to establish your business offline, and that’s it. Internet is full of billions of users that are waiting new compelling offers to deal with. So, if you want to develop your business and get more exposure, you have to start with a website.

I don’t know if is that you are, but there are many people look at building their websites as if it is a kind of Rocket Science. Actually, we live with tons of online tools that made it as easy as you can imagine. A platform like WordPress gives you the ability to build your website in just few minutes. We mean: Building a website is not the issue you should worry about, but what is beyond this step.

The 9 Recommendations of The Qatari Government To Build A Successful Website - Sadad Payment Solutions -

The Qatari Recommendations to Have A Successful Website

Actually, Qatar is one of most interested countries in e-commerce. It is not only about the wide market that Qatar represent but also for the governmental procedures for e-commerce business in general. Qatar procedures attracts both of local and international investors in this growing market.

One of these procedures is educating. Education process is working well for both of entrepreneurs and normal users. Qatari Government aims to give user the best experience and entrepreneur the highest ROI.

So, they recommend the next 9 recommendations for you – as an entrepreneur – to build a successful website:

1. Start With A Vision

What is the future of your project? And how do you expect it? This is the starting point for your business. Why? Of course, the website should be built for its purpose but the point that you don’t know exactly what you may need in future, unless you have a vision. You may start as simple as you can afford, but what about your business in future? Number of products? Services? Updates? You have to keep it all in mind.

Plus, it is a big mistake to use FREE or well-known theme for the website. This time, it is all about branding. You have to position your image in the users’ mind. This point is vital to a business that is built to continue.

2.Know Your Audience

It is basic to know your target audience; their requirements, what they like, what they don’t, what market is, and more. This is vital for the content you are going to use in the website. You have to build the ideal Buyer Persona of your business and fix his/her frustrations. Plus you have to know more how to formulate your message in ads.

It is not logic to offer a diamond necklace to B or C class. This is money and time waste, plus it turns your campaign to ironic post socially. Of course, it is not your target.

Learn your product well, know your audience, choose the right context, and then publish a campaign that gets the true ROI.

3.Who Are Your Competitors?

The information you collect about your competitors is the precious one. They have problems to solve, and challenges to overcome, exactly like your business have. So, it is a good chance to learn more about this industry and how things done. In this phase, your role is to search and offer solutions. Don’t copy the competitors, provide yours.

Provide the best solutions for their problems. Work on your product to make it the best, not to average it among competitors. Make it the best as much as you can.

Also, beside your preparations, you must avoid making unnecessary fights with competitors. Remember that your target in this market is making money, not building enemies or wasting money, time and efforts.

One of the best tools we recommend is Alexa. It is easy to use and cheap to afford. Plus it gives you accurate data. By Alexa you will know who is in the front and how to exceed by your creative and exceptional marketing approaches.

4.Use Local Hosting Service

It is common to make your hosting service abroad. We don’t refuse this approach but if your business – in the first phase – is local, we recommend to rely on local hosting service. Why?

One of SEO requirements (Search Engine Optimization) is speeding up your website. This advantage comes more by using local hosting service, and of course using a dedicated service for the website (or at least VPS). These procedures offer a quick and flexible shopping experience for users.

5.Make It Easy To Search

Even if you have a smart navigation bar, and high quality navigation process, the user is lazier than you can imagine. He/she goes directly to Search Bar when he wants to find something among your products.

Setting smart search bar in the top of your website is not an option, it is one of the basics. Logically, user doesn’t know what you offer them in the website. It may be the first visit. He/she doesn’t want to waste much time in finding the required product he searches for. Make it easy.

Place the search bar in visible place in your website with different color. Ask your developer to make his best in programing a high quality searching system in your website. The searching system that helps users finding their query in short time.

6.Provide Compelling Content

“Content is The King.” Bill Gates – 1996

And still The King, till now. It is unfair to talk about content in such few sentences. Content strategies you may use, could make your product as the best one and the only chance in this industry. Yes, it is all about content.

But content is a double blade weapon. You should use it wisely. As content could show stones as diamonds, also it could show jewels as false accessories. Again, it is all about content.

It is not a poor investment when you hire a professional copywriter to formulate your content strategy. Content fills necessary gaps in your business. Content builds brand, community, authority, user satisfaction, and more. It is a powerful tool you can use starting from your website blog. Check competitors’ websites and what if they have a blog or not. If they haven’t, it is your chance to start. Don’t miss it.

7.Set Many USPs

USP is the abbreviation of Unique Selling Proposition. The truth we should agree upon is we live and work in overcrowded market. It is full of tons of attractive messages and ads. These overwhelming signals make user confused. He/she can’t take a decision about a product. But you can use this situation for your benefit.

Offer additional advantages or a special USP. Provide him something that is not available to competitors. It may be:

  • Discount
  • Additional benefit
  • Unexpected gift
  • Exceptional after sale service
  • ………………….. you choose

Do anything to keep customers loyal to your brand.

8.Blog is not an Option

As we mentioned above about content, it is vital for your business to use the website blog. In that blog you will talk about many things that are interested to your target audience. These blog posts are the key that will build your brand authority in this market. It forms a solid relationship between the brand and users. People love who teach them. They are loyal more to the person/brand who answer their important questions (FAQs).

Also, blog is the most important tool that keeps and improves the website position in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) using SEO tactics.

9.Learn the Demand & Supply Equation

It is important to know how much the market needs your product/s. It is important to do such a thing even before launching the website. Don’t full your e-store with tons of products that users don’t need. Make a balance between normal and most wanted products.

 It is an important market rule: There is nothing long live in any market. So, you have to know the last updates of your industry and how to exceed competitors. Week by week, you have to stop and check the size of demand on a product and how to handle this issue.


Although building a website for your business is an important thing, the effort you have to do beyond is more important. It is not about building, but promoting and marketing your business through this website.

Do you need help in the first step? Sure. You have to try SADAD App for payment services. It is easy to use for both individuals and companies. It helps to build your first e-store within minutes, plus its many financial benefits.


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