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Protect Your Financial Transactions With SADAD Payment Solution

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Some people move away from e-transactions for fear of problems related to them. Some may be at risk of leaking data, being robbed, or violating privacy and sharing information.

All these things are certainly worth their fear, but what is the solution?! Do we stop keeping pace with the current developments in financial transactions for our fear of losing experiences? Or do we dig ourselves into unknown experiments where the percentages of gain are equal with the loss?!

Of course not. We do not have to choose between this and that. The choice is open to us for more comfortable and safe ways. It requires no sacrifice at all. On the contrary, these methods give us more special gifts and privileges. One of these options is the experience of dealing with Sadad payment solutions.

Protect Your Financial Transactions With SADAD Payment Solution |

What Is SADAD App?

a mobile app for payment solutions. It is designed to be a platform for managing financial transactions for individuals and businesses. The application was launched in 2018.

it was designed to serve Qatari customers by easy electronic payment to be the country’s first e-wallet.

it seeks to boost Qatar’s e-commerce growth by promoting the establishment of a non-monetary economy in the region. The main objective of SADAD is to create secure and easy payment solutions for users that will save them from carrying large amounts of money or using credit cards.

The recent launch of e-market application has resulted in many advantages. The company has invested this well in studying complaints and problems that customers face with other payment companies, and treated them in their application in the easiest and safest way.

Concern about complex payment procedures, long waiting periods, fear of cyber-attacks, and hacking attempts. All these problems are eliminated by SADAD electronic security system, and its attractive and easy design.

What Are The International Standards To Which SADAD Is Committed When Pursuing Financial Transactions?

SADAD is committed to the implementation of a number of international security standards related to the regulation of electronic transactions among users. In order to ensure that its customers receive the best and safest service, SADAD complies with the following criteria:

PCI-DSS is a short code for The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is the safety standard for the payment card data industry.

This standard is managed by the Global Payment Card Security Board, which is responsible for verifying payment, conversion, authentication and, ultimately, synchronization and compliance.

Companies wishing to work in the field of e-commerce to enter a comprehensive examination of all their security shields. So be sure to be able to maintain personal customer information and the privacy of their data.

SADAD has a certificate of compliance with all security PCI-DSS standards and is very suitable as an e-commerce platform characterized by privacy and security.

تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر معايير PCI-DSS للأمان

  • IT Security Certificate McAfee Certification

The SADAD electronic application is designed to maintain the security and integrity of your personal data by adhering to all standards related to IT security. The program encrypts your financial transactions, keeps your data confidential on the Internet. It also provides the ideal protection to prevent your accounts from being stolen.

تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر معايير Mcafee للأمان

SADAD Electronic Payment solutions complies with ISO 27001 standards, which aim to protect the confidentiality of customer information and not to share it without permission.

تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر معايير ISO 27001للأمان

  • 256-Port Payment Encryption Certificate

The SADAD e-mail application maintains the confidentiality of customer data by encrypting the entire communication loop from sender to receiver is completely confidential and fully encrypted.

What Security Services Does SADAD Offer You?

SADAD Payment Solutions offers you many security services that you will not need to worry about your personal data or sense of discomfort and security. With the application of it you will enjoy the following:

· 24-Hour Monitoring Of Your Financial Transactions

The SADAD application offers customers effective 24-hour security surveillance. Don’t worry about sudden cyber-attacks or worrying security breaches. The application will protect you all the time.

·        Comprehensive Encryption of All Transactions

You do not have to worry about leaking your private data or knowing someone your transactions with the users. SADAD allows you to process sophisticated billing for all your bills on the app. The communication process from the sender to the receiver will be completely confidential and free from hackers.

·        Continuous Technical Support Services

SADAD allows its customers a vast team of expert technical support. If you encounter any problem- security or procedural- the team will quickly communicate with you and resolve it immediately.

·        Conflict Resolution Services

In case of disputes, SADAD will maintain your financial right by reserving payments in your personal account until the dispute is resolved.

·        Services in Protection Against Theft And Fraud

If you notice suspicious transactions from a customer or a user of your store, all you have to do is immediately notify SADAD .They will automatically check your complaint.

·        Confidentiality of Customers

There is no need to worry about sharing your private data with  The program works to protect all customer data and block it even from the recipients. If you buy a product, for example, or collect one of your bills, the receiver of the money will not be able to know your financial or personal information stored in the system. All he will know is the details of paying the bill only.

·        Protect Your Data with A Fingerprint

With SADAD app, you have full control over the security of your personal account. You can control access settings, either by username or password. Even if someone can find out your password, they will not be able to view your account without your personal fingerprint.

All of the above is a small part of what Sadad,qa has to offer its customers. Developers of the application are in a constant conflict with time to achieve the safest and best electronic users. You do not have to worry about any new e-commerce attacks, SADAD is always ready to keep you protected.


In just one year, SADAD has succeeded in creating a leadership position from its evolving vision for the future and its constant endeavor to give users an enjoyable and safe purchasing experience as they deserve.

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