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How did Local Retailer Survive Coronavirus Crisis?

19 May 2020 Share

How did Local Retailer Survive Coronavirus Crisis? Here’s the Solution from Sadad

Every retailer wants to create and manage a successful business, expanding commercially and geographically in order to avoid challenges and problems.

Before we get to know those challenges and problems, we should first define retailer and retail.


A person who links between producers and consumers.


The process of selling products to people who consumes product not reselling it.

Here’s the most important challenges facing retailer due to dealing directly with customers:

  • Customer expectations changes constantly:

Customer opinions always change faster than you expect. As a retailer you have to accept those changes in customer preferences by keeping pace with trends understanding customer shopping behaviour.

  • Customer loyalty:

Customers develop their loyalty due to pleasure, experience and trust they got in your brand much more than your product advantages.

One of the biggest challenges for your business growth is losing your customers to competitors which they fulfil all of their desires.

  • Constant presence:

Whom are working in retail stores have to wait for customer to come. Therefore, they have to stay in store continuously during working hours of weekdays, weekends and holidays.

  • Product presentation:

Retailer have to be fully aware of product details knowing what it is used for, how to use and how to maintain. All of this data should keep in mind. Arranging products on your shelves only does not guarantee purchases.

  • Natural disasters:

Countries may be exposed to natural disasters like wars, earth quacks and Epidemics.

You have to take precautions according to its impact on your work like reducing employment, partial closure, total closure or even working remotely if your business allows you to do so.

What’s happening now around the world due to Coronavirus Pandemic affected every industry including retail business. This pandemic literally changed our life in a day and night.

Fear of spreading the infection makes customers avoid visiting stores and markets due to fear of physical contact.

As a result, many retailers made the decision to temporarily close their doors. This definitely is going to help reduce spread of the virus. Plus, this decision opened another door to communicate with customer through safer alternative: Online Stores. It is not reduces the physical contact among people, but also gives you a huge growth opportunity for E-commerce.

Here are some tips to help you reduce challenges and continue your business to overcome this crisis.

  • Work remotely to reduce human interaction for employees and customers safety.
  • Reduce cash transactions and rely on electronic payment solutions like SADAD.
  • Maintain your business continuity by providing delivery service to your customer with safety precautions in mind.
  • Listen to your customer’s feedback and develop your business according to their priorities for that period of time.
  • This crisis accelerated E-commerce development, so be the first to rely on digital solutions to maintain your business in future.

Clearly creating online store makes you survive in this crisis, and even come out with new benefits taking advantages of E-commerce (especially with SADAD services).

 SADAD service:

Sadad realized the importance of remote paying in the early times before this crisis. But it is good to benefit it now. Sadad:

  • Provides your customers with a unique shopping experience that brings your store anytime day or night in the palm of their hands using mobile devices.
  • Provides full products display with pictures showing all aspects of your products along with detailed explanation.
  • Expands your business fulfilling your customer’s needs despite of their personal differences.

And many other features we talked about in the article “How to use e-commerce to develop your business”


Therefore, we recommend choosing a solution that helps you close sales automatically by managing inventory, sales operations, product delivery and customer service in addition to ease of integration of various payment solutions that SADAD offers you in one application.



Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis can be leveraged by starting to discover new market opportunities you were not thinking about previously.

You will find that SADAD stands beside you whether in creating new online store from scratch, providing comfortable and secure payment solutions or 24/7 support team at your service.


Try SADAD service now

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