All about how Sadad helps freelancers in Qatar tackle payment challenges


All about how Sadad helps freelancers in Qatar tackle payment challenges

19 Nov 2022 Share

You enjoy many vital benefits regarding freelancing as a career option. From having the freedom to choose what kind of clients you want to work with to decide on the pay scale for each project, there are many advantages of making freelancing your career choice. However, with this freedom comes the responsibility of managing multiple aspects of the business independently. To grow your career, you ought to have in-depth knowledge about various things such as pitching yourself right, knowing the current market trends, promoting your products and services, collecting hassle-free orders, processing online payments in Qatar, etc. However, the biggest challenge for freelancers remains collecting their fees. Read on to know some of the common payment challenges freelancers face.

Challenges of a freelancer

Working as a freelancer is often tiresome when collecting fees from clients. There are numerous challenges that you might face when collecting payments as a freelancer, including:

Lack of technical knowledge

The primary challenge is the lack of necessary resources to collect payments conveniently. Those not from a technical background often struggle to understand how to make the most of new payment options. From integrating these payment solutions to maintaining them to troubleshooting in case of any problem – the technical challenges involved are many. And then, there are hefty costs involved with setting up a tech infrastructure that can take care of these payments. 

Delayed payments

From sending reminders to clients constantly to collect payments to not having access to your client’s desired payment choice, there are many reasons for the delay in payments. To tackle this, having multiple payment options comes in handy.

Record keeping

Freelancing fees vary from client to client and may also vary depending on the work done during each period. In this case, recording and keeping track of all your transactions can become taxing. There is also a gap between the time you raise an invoice to the time you get paid. Tracking all invoices and payments with a single platform can be helpful for you to keep a tab on your finances.

Overseas payments

Growing your freelancing career means crossing those geographic boundaries to make the most fees for your product or service. Not having the right resources to accept these international payments takes away an untapped market of potential customers from you. Payment solutions for freelancers that facilitate international transactions ensure your services or products are accessible to overseas clients as well.

Standard invoicing

Having a standard template for all your invoices and including all necessary details can be tiresome, especially when you are new to the gig economy. A set template for all your invoices is bound to help you raise each invoice in due time and ensure the smooth inflow of your fees.

These challenges can be managed by using a reliable payment gateway like Sadad. 

Sadad – A seamless payment solution for freelancers

We bring you the efficiency to make the most of your freelancing career with:

  1. Effortless setup: We are a user-friendly platform that offers an easy and seamless setup procedure for kickstarting as well as growing your freelancing career.
  2. Multiple payment options: Net banking, direct wallet transfers, local and international debit & credit cards, apple pay, google pay, or direct Sadad wallet transfer –  payment solution for freelancers offered by Sadad are many. Additionally, you can choose to accept payment via our link-based invoice solutions. Your client can make the payments with their preferred option.
  3. Safe & secure payments: We are not just quick in processing payments but also comply with PCI DSS guidelines to ensure all payments are processed without any security breach.
  4. No transfer amount limit: With us, you get the freedom to collect your fees lump sum without any barriers to the amount that can be transferred. You get the ability to make timely payments from multiple clients even if their billing cycles clash.
  5. International payments: Grow your career and expand beyond geographical boundaries with Sadad. You can provide your services to clients across the globe and collect hassle-free payments from them through any international card with us.
  6. Cost-effective: Zero setup and maintenance charges and per transaction charge levied by us make Sadad lighter on your pocket. You don’t have to pay a single penny if you don’t collect any payments via Sadad.
  7. Proactive Support: Facing any issues regarding your payments? You need not worry; our prompt support team will always reply in time to help you tackle any problems you might face while processing your fees.

Make the most of your freelancing career without worrying about getting payments processed again with Sadad.

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