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7 reasons make Sadad as the best application for electronic payment

7 reasons make Sadad best e-payment application

No doubt that the field of electronic commerce is growing rapidly, especially in the Arab region, which means the need for e-payment methods facilitates the sale and purchase through the Internet in a safe and simple.

If we talk about some of these electronic means, we find that they varied between different prepaid cards, bank transfers, payment through special sites such as PayPal, payment through private transfer companies such as Western Union and Express Money, and finally payment through mobile applications such as Sadad application for payment solutions, which we will talk about its advantages in this article.

What is Sadad application?

It’s a mobile application in Qatar that provides mobile money transfer service without the need to carry money or any bank card; in addition to no need to go to a bank to transfer and pay money.

Let’s go and talk about the 7 reasons why Sadad is the best application for e-payment:

  1. Security:

When talking about electronic payment methods, it is necessary to mention the safety of using these means, which is available in the application of Sadad where it maintains the security of financial transactions by not sharing with anyone, and it also has obtained many quality certificates in this field.

  1. Guarantee all rights:

Unlike other payment methods, Sadad guarantees all rights to the merchant and customer during the buying and selling process from start to finish.

  1. Bank deposit:

You can deposit from your Sadad account to your bank account without having to go to the bank through Sadad application.

  1. Money transfer:

You can transfer money to and from your friends or companies by mobile number or Sadad code.

  1. Authentication

You save and document all financial transactions you have made by Sadad application, and you can view the outgoing and incoming payments.

  1. Companies Services:

It allows companies to complete all financial transactions by adding your products to your store, sharing product links via social networking and prompt collection platforms. You can also control and view your invoices, send customer notifications and prompt collection.

  1. Inclusion:

Sadad.qa operates “Qatch” system with all Qatari banks, unlike any other payment method that works with “Qatch” system with just some banks.

Sadad for payment solutions application is available in those two stores: