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10 Signs Telling You That You Are Exposed To E-Fraud

16 Mar 2019 Share

Now, e-shopping is growing. Public culture has become less fearful of e-financial transactions and has become more receptive to online buying and selling. This is very good, but is increasing the precautions and raising the security culture among consumers contributed to the disappearance of theft and fraud on the Internet?

Unfortunately, fraud is increasing despite all the ongoing developments in security and information protection. According to the Threat Metrix report on malicious attacks on e-commerce sites, the number of attacks was 150 million at the height of shopping season in the first quarter of 2018.

Not only Threat Metrix is the one to discuss the rate of these attacks and how to threaten safety and security of user data. There are a lot of sites warn customers to visit unreliable sites and teach them how to avoid them. Well, we will go into this part in some detail, but first let’s take a quick look at e-fraud and its types.

What Is E-Fraud?

The term e-fraud is one of the most common types of Internet fraud, which is intended to steal personal data from bank or financial account holders.

E-fraud can be defined as an illegal activity in which a person or organization resorts to illegal e-transactions to steal user data, goods, intercept financial transactions, or grab accounts. This type of fraud spreads especially at peak shopping seasons as distinctive fashion weeks, and during days of cuts like Fridays, holiday seasons, and other occasions.

Online Fraud are vary as follow:

  • Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the most common forms of e-fraud. In which a hacker uses a user to redirect him to his page and steal his data to exploit it for his purchases.

It is one of the most worrying issues for users and traders. It is also not only the victim’s impact, or the trader’s loss of goods, but the problem is the difficulty of recovering stolen goods or the ability to track and prosecute criminals.

  • Friendly Fraud

In which the process of e-purchasing products and receiving them are done in a very legal way. After receipt of the products, the recipient requests a refund that his credit data is being stolen and misused. With some smart steps he can prove that his cards are stolen and he can keep both money and goods at the same time.

  • Clean Fraud

This is not a very clean process, but it suggests the ease and accuracy of its operation, making it difficult to detect or attack its owner.

Clean fraud is so complex that it is difficult for some fraud prevention tools to detect. The fraudster here uses a stolen credit card to make electronic purchases.

In such a case, the fraudster can overcome fraud detection procedures by introducing a large amount of correct information about the credit card holder. Or in using the card in cheap purchases through unsecured sites, to make sure that it is work correctly and safely.

  • Affiliate Fraud

This type of fraud is made by making a group of people create a real account on these sites, and by doing so they can manipulate visitors’ views, site statistics, and user accounts as well to gain not eligible money.

  • Triangulation Fraud

This is one of the worst ways of e-financial transactions. The fraudster creates a fake website and then attracts visitors through many attractive discounts. This takes three steps:

  1. Once a customer clicks to buy a product, the fraudster can immediately steal and exploit his bank statements.
  2. After the data is stolen, the fraudster can use it to buy a real item in one of the other websites.
  3. It can also use customer data to purchase more than one product on the same platform.
  • Commercial Fraud

It is one of the simplest forms of fraud at all. A website is created to sell products at cheap and attractive prices. Once the buyer completes financial transactions, the owner receives his money and never sends the goods.

All of these types are some of the common scams that you may encounter while e-shopping. Do not worry, we’re here to help you avoid any of these practices, and we’ll also guide you how to escape them easily.

10 Signs Reveal That You Are In An Unreal E- Shop

  • Domain Name

Always check the domain name of any website you visit. Trusted companies are very interested in each part of their mental image in the eyes of users, from designing their website to signing their domain name. If the URL is unformatted, complex, and not simple, it is certainly a site that does not know anything about the fundamentals of professional work. You should be careful when dealing with it.

  • Fuzzy Design Of The User Interface

If you find the main site interface is uncoordinated and absurd, this is a very unreliable site and is very likely to be one of cheap sites created to catch the victim and steal his own data.

  • Poor Quality Images

Any trader cares about the quality of his products and displays them best to attract customers. If you find the product images on the site are poor, and appear to have been stolen from other sites with lesser quality and abuse. This is a sign that the trader does not own the products, he only presents them with the aim of attracting victims, no more.

  • Non-Professional Content

Any professional site is interested in the content presented on its platform and to show it in the best experience for his users. If the content on the platform is unprofessional and seems too trivial, this is another indication that you may be subject to fraud.

  • The Privacy Policy Is Complex And Not Well Formulated

Before dealing with any website, go to his privacy policy section and read what is being written. If you find these terms and policies are not well formulated, and the conditions are complex and offer an opportunity to manipulate them, this is a non-professional site, it is false.

  • Fake Products

Some websites place certain products on behalf of major brands, which may not exist at all. For example, you find a perfume by the name of Boucherin brand, and you know that Boucherin is a brand of jewelry and has nothing to do with perfumes. These are fancy examples aimed at attracting customers through big brand names.

  • Site Sections Are Not Related Products

If you visit a site that offers healthy food products and find a fast food section inside, it would seem very contradictory.

Also, if you check out a sports site, you’ll find a section for women’s luxury shoes. This inconsistency between the products offered by the site, and its specialization makes you automatically suspicious of its purpose, and the seriousness of financial transactions in it as well.

  • Many Spelling Errors

It is unlikely that you will find a professional site and an expert in e-commerce and its content is full of misspellings and grammatical errors. If these errors are exaggerated, and non-overrun, you are certainly in a private fraud site.

  • Offers Are Impossible To Be Real

If you find that the original Gucci boots are sold for $ 15, will you believe this? Of course: No. Such an offer is a trap designed to attract victims to explore the discounts, and once they visit the site taking any decision to buy, the site will seize your data immediately.

  • Check It Out By Whois.net Site

Some sites are prepared for fraud in a professional way that makes it difficult to detect. You must resort to the site who is to further ensure the integrity of the site, avoiding the risk of fraud. It will search for information about the site to which you have added its link, and inform you of all information you need to uncover its truthfulness.


All of the above were a brief overview of the different scams and best signs to detect. Stay alert, and study the sites you visit before doing anything.

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