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Why To Consider Sadad As Your Best Online Payment Solution Upon Coronavirus Pandemic

14 May 2020 Share

The new world order is firmly controlled while most of us are resting on our couches following our favorite series or programs or sitting behind desks watching the stock market and world Business News.

It might be the world’s first time that all regimes asking people worldwide to stay home, that rare approach only happened whilst something as huge as Coronavirus Pandemic.

Otherwise, regardless of our present situation most people are usually feeling a great joy watching the world going on around them while they’re relaxed enjoying calmness away from shopping offline.

They enjoy buying through a Mobile Application or a Website.

If you’re one of those mentioned above then you have to know the best online payment Solution through the internet which suits you the most among all payment solutions.

If you’re a merchant and interested in trading online caring about your Brand Online Presence, aiming to gain more Profit Creating your online store and making it easier and faster for you to sell and for your customer to buy  products online with no waiting lines or wasting time shopping offline.

Actually the mostly needed asset to approach your target is to accept payments online.

What is online payment?

Online Payment is a way to pay money for goods through an online broker without using cash payment or paper cheques.

In the last few years many online payment solutions have been invented in order to provide much more safe and reliable payment transactions. Therefore, this will reduce the percentage of using paper money or cheques.

Let’s go deeper into the various online payment methods used widely nowadays.

First: Credit Payment Solutions

  • Credit Cards: It is an electronic payment solution issued by your bank. It helps you to make paperless payments online or through various PoS payment machines.
  • E-Wallet: It is an online gateway which store your personal information, financial balances, and credit and debit cards data for one time to be used repeatedly without compromising your essential data to be hacked.

Second: Debit payment solutions:

  • Direct Debit: It refers to the scheduled bank transactions which a bank account holder directs another bank account to withdraw a specific amount of money from his account electronically. Of course it is for goods or services.
  • E-check: It is an electronic form of paper Cheque, making an electronic transaction from one bank account to another with no need to check if the amount is covered or not -as known in paper cheque- if the amount is not covered, the transaction will not take place.
  • E-cash: It is about keeping a specific amount of money stored in customer’s device which allows him to pay online using an application on his mobile device.

Online Payment Solutions created basically to facilitate payment transactions through the internet especially due to rising need for E-commerce.


What is Sadad?

Sadad is the first Qatari E-wallet, which is considered one of the best online payment solutions using a computer or mobile device.

Sadad E-wallet combines benefits of credit and debit cards, you have to link it once to your bank account to make future payments safely and flawlessly.

Sadad E-Wallet Advantages:

  • Suitable for all: Sadad E-Wallet helps to reduce cards usage, all you need to do to pay is opening the application and press “Pay” Button or scanning the required QR Code if you’re paying offline.
  • Many Kinds of Cards: Sadad E-Wallet stores Credit and Debit cards data, which allows you to benefit using paperless payment methods.
  • Gives You More Safety: Probability to retrieve lost paper money may reach 0%, even if your cards are lost you have to contact customer services to stop it immediately or it may be compromised. E-Wallet stores your data once. So, even if you lost your device, you still can use your E-Wallet through other devices.
  • Can Be Used While Shopping Online Or Offline: E-Wallets are widely considered in the last few years, most of online stores allow you to pay using E-wallet.
  • Authentication On Every Transaction: Sadad E-Wallet like any card payments asks for your Pin code every time you use it to confirm making payment, which guarantees higher level of safety.
  • Faster Money Transfer: Sadad E-Wallet makes Money Transfer faster and easier. No more wait in the queues of banks or offline stores. Keep yourself away from noise and congestion of malls and supermarkets.
  • Easy Depositing: You can deposit any amount of money through banking services, credit and Debit cards without entering data every time you fund your E-Wallet.


Life evolves day by day. Sadad E-Wallet came with an exceptional potential making Qatari citizen life – and MENA region in the near future – much easier online and offline.

Finally, Sadad invites you to rely on its financial services to buy online and stay safe at home until the Coronavirus Crisis ends.


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