SADAD VS. Paypal, How Did SADAD Application Succeed In Overcoming Paypal


SADAD VS. Paypal, How Did SADAD Application Succeed In Overcoming Paypal?

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PayPal users in the Arab world have many problems. The complex procedures imposed by PayPal on their customers have been transformed from ways to ensure the integrity and security of transactions to complex, seamless and flexible methods.

This drop has made many users looking for a new solution that combines the advantages of PayPal from protection and security, and adds them to smoothness and speed. The best solution is SADAD application for payment solutions.


What Is SADAD Payment Solutions?

SADAD Payment Solutions is a mobile app designed to facilitate electronic financial transactions with ease. Designed in 2018 by Qatari SADAD Company as the country’s first e-portfolio.  It is planned to expand its services to the Middle East in just six months, to a global start, and to compete with PayPal globally. SADAD is the modern alternative to PayPal services.

It is not just an application in the financial applications category, but a new app that combines the benefits of the applications that preceded it and adds its own advantages. Unlike other applications, SADAD offers its services free of charge, with no hidden fees for customers. Making it the first in the Middle East to serve in this way, and the world’s first in terms of cost savings compared to quality granted.

Why Do You Have To Abandon The PayPal Platform And Choose SADAD Payment Solutions?

If you are a PayPal user right now, you are definitely suffering from the company’s stringent restrictions on Arab customers. So we warn you that reading the next lines may bring back memories of bad experiences with them, but do not worry so much. If PayPal causes you suffering, SADAD is your ideal antidote to treatment.

In the next lines we will discuss in some detail about the most common problems encountered by Arab PayPal customers, and how the application of SADAD solution as easily as follows:

PayPal’s basic services are about four tasks:

• Sending money

• Receipt of funds

• Electronic purchase

• Withdraw money from ATM

These four tasks are the only services that PayPal users can enjoy.  Although the lack of these services, but some of them are not available from one country to another. For example, the ATM service is available to Egyptian customers only using the use of electronic visa to withdraw.

Also many other services are not available to customers. The Arabs are subject to many state policies or to the conditions set by PayPal itself. This kind of obstacles will not come with the application of SADAD. You will not only have four services, but eleven services, each with maximum flexibility and maximum security.

SADAD Payment Solutions provides:

  • Bank Deposit Services

 SADAD application allows you to easily transfer funds from your personal account in SADAD to your bank account. You will not need to wait a long time until the transaction is over, and you will not be surprised by the failure during the deposit process. Just open the application, then select the amount to deposit, and the program will confirm the process immediately.

  • Balance Transfer Services

With SADAD you will be able to transfer and receive funds to and from your personal account in just 5 seconds. Unlike PayPal, the app will not hold your money for a long period of time that can last up to 30 days. Once the customer confirms that your transaction has been successful, you will find that the transfer process takes place within a maximum of 5 seconds.

  • Electronic Procurement Services

With the flexibility offered by SADAD application to its customers, you will have no difficulty in completing your online purchases, and with SADAD plan to launch its payment services for Rose and other sites, you will find the purchase tool available to most electronic payment shops with ease.

  • Bill Payment Services

With the implementation of SADAD electronic You will have an expert financial manager in the management of financial invoices and filter. Unlike PayPal, you will not only have a platform that contains archiving for your previous financial bills, but you will also have a platform that organizes your invoices and coordinates them with the following professionalism:

• Paid bills

• Unpaid invoices

•Late bills

• Due invoices

All of these sections will be organized electronically without your intervention, so you can know the total amount of money you have spent, the amount of debt owed to you, and the way your financial transactions are handled.

  • The Establishment Of An Electronic Shop

With SADAD application you will not only be able to buy from different electronic stores. You will also own your own store. Just open the application, select the online store section, add the products you want to view, and select the available quantity and delivery time.

Unlike PayPal’s limited services, SADAD not only helps you buy from electronic stores, but also provides you with all the means to design your own store, manage its accounts, and promote it through social networking platforms.

  • Application  Follow-up Services

Any owner of an e-store needs a specialist to follow up on the orders that are executed, their access to the customers’ hands, and the satisfaction rate. All of these tasks are summarized by SADAD application in one section called Applications. You can track products that have been connected, products in transit, and products that are late for delivery to the customer, all in a full and detailed report.

  • Notification Receiving Services

Many PayPal users have experienced sudden account closures without warning.  Some have also experienced changes in payment procedures and fees, making them wobble over how and when these transactions occurred in their account. SADAD customers will not be exposed to this error. Any financial transaction related to your personal account on SADAD, or your associated bank account, will automatically send an immediate alert to your phone.

  • Protection And Safety Services

No one can deny that PayPal’s security services are quality and robust, but in seeking to provide the best possible security service, PayPal has lost the need to give customers the same flexibility and speed.

PayPal customers are subject to many complex procedures to confirm their personal identity, or to link their PayPal account to their bank account or dispute resolution processes. Unlike SADAD e-mail clients who enjoy the same protection as PayPal, without sacrificing the required flexibility. If you encounter a security problem, you may not need to call to resolve it, the payment support team will be processing it while you think about calling.

  • Financial Transaction Management Services

The SADAD application gives you the perfect convenience to manage your financial transactions with ease as opposed to PayPal. You are not only forced to deal with the bank with your bank account, but you can deal with different banks, and deposit or withdraw your money in your preferred way.

With SADAD you will not need to extract an e-Visa so that you can enjoy the services provided. All you have to do is to link your personal account to SADAD with your bank account, and you will be able to manage your financial transactions with ease.

  • QR Code Services

With SADAD, you will not need to carry a cash-filled wallet. You do not need to carry credit cards either. Just go to any of the restaurants or stores that allow customers to pay with the QR Code. Open your personal account on SADAD and then scan the code. , And the funds will automatically be transferred to the desired store account.

  • Free Payment Solutions Services

Unlike PayPal, SADAD does not charge fees for the services it provides. The only situation where you charge a fee is to deposit from your SADAD account to your bank account. Even in this case, the application will charge a small fee compared to PayPal.


From the above, you can take advantage of the power of SADAD payment solutions, compared to Paypal. It is not about the number and that SADAD offers 11 services compared to only 4 of PayPal. And it is not about the free service, flexibility and security of the user, but rather that SADAD was specifically designed to meet the needs of the Arab user in the Middle East, which PayPal could not understand. .

Take the opportunity as well, and quickly switch to the platform That Understands You.

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