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Get Your Money In Three Steps Using SADAD Payment Solution

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Get Your Money In Three Steps Using SADAD Payment Solution

Every professional businessman seeks to offer his company and clients the best possible administrative services in the fastest and safest way. The more sophistication and flexibility the company has, the more it will enhance its relationship with the public and build confidence on them. SADAD payment solutions offers your company this service with ease. You can manage all your transactions with the push of a button and create an attractive online store for everyone.

سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر | ادر مشروعك الصغير من المنزل بواسطة تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في قطر |

What Is SADAD Payment Solutions?

SADAD Qatar is the first payment application in the Middle East and the least expensive in the world. It is designed by SADAD Qatari Company to terminate financial transactions away from traditional methods or long electronic procedures. It offers – businessmen and companies – various payment solutions ranging from bank deposit, transfer and billing services as well as e-shop management services.

Financial transactions are made through the SADAD Qatar app using the mobile phones only. So before we discuss the way to manage the company account on the implementation of payment, you must first download it to the Android system HERE or ISO system HERE. Then open the application and follow these steps:

First, Create An Account On The SADAD Application

The first step to get your money from SADAD is to create your personal account by following these steps:

  • Select The Type Of Account You Want To Create

To access SADAD Payment Solutions, you will see the main interface of the program. Click on Create Account to register for the first time.

By clicking the Create Account tab, the SADAD will show you two options: Be a merchant, or Be a user of SADAD. Click on Be a merchant and then click on the next step.

حصل مالك في ثلاث خطوات باستخدام تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر | اختيار نوع الحساب | سداد قطر |

  • Enter Company Data

By going to the next step, SADAD will show you blank boxes related to user data details. Fill in the fields related to your company name, phone number and e-mail. Then click Next.

حصل مالك في ثلاث خطوات باستخدام تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر | ادخال بيانات الشركة | سداد قطر |

  • Enter The Code Sent To Your Phone

When you register the data for your phone, SADAD sends a text message containing the verification code for the account. Rewrite the code that was sent to you in the blank boxes in front of you. Then press the Next Step. If you do not receive a message with the required code, or misspell it, click on the option to resend the password, and SADAD will send it again. But be aware that this process is only available once, in order to ensure the security of the owner.

حصل مالك في ثلاث خطوات باستخدام تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر | تسجيل الدخول للحساب | سداد قطر |

4- Enter your Password

The fourth step is to customize your company account password. All you have to do is to type the word you want to use and SADAD will measure its strength immediately. If you do not want to type a password, click Create Password Automatically. SADAD will generate a password for you to copy and use.

حصل مالك في ثلاث خطوات باستخدام تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر | ادخال كود التفعيل | سداد قطر |

  • Accept The conditions

The last step in the account confirmation process. Accept the terms and conditions for SADAD Payment Solutions and then type your name in the box provided by your phone’s touch screen.

حصل مالك في ثلاث خطوات باستخدام تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر | ادخال كلمة السر الخاصة بالحساب | سداد قطر |

Second, Enter Your Business Information

After completing your account registration process on SADAD, the second step related to the business information of the establishment is as follows:

1.            Sign In From Your Active Account

After completing the above steps, you will be able to sign in to the SADAD successfully. Visit the program’s main interface, then access the My Account section to complete the data.

سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر | ادارة المتجر |

2.            Browse The Business Information Section

In the My Account section you will see many different fields. Visit the Business Information section and fill in the required data.

The data you entered initially from your company name, e-mail and mobile phone number will be stored. All you need to do is to add the following data.

  • Company Address
  • Commercial license number
  • Attach the Commercial Register
  • Attach a personal card to the owner or partner
  • Being established

حصل مالك في ثلاث خطوات باستخدام تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر | ادخال المعلومات التجارية | سداد قطر |

3.            Check the data

Once you have completed your company’s business information, you will receive a verification check on your mobile phone, confirming that the Checked box has changed its color from gray to green.

حصل مالك في ثلاث خطوات باستخدام تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر | التحقق من البيانات | سداد قطر |

4.            Enter Your Bank Account

After finishing verifying your brand data, visit the My Account tab from the My Account section. Then click Add new account.

Enter the international bank account number. Then attach the documents proving that you own this account, either an official document or a survey image using the Internet.

حصل مالك في ثلاث خطوات باستخدام تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر | ادخال بيانات الحساب البنكي | سداد قطر |

5.            Click Submit To Investigate

By completing the required documents, you will click on the progress of the investigation. In the meantime, a SADAD technical support team will verify the data you have sent, and alert you if you have neglected to enter some details.

6.            Make Sure Your Bank Account Is Fully Activated

Once the SADAD customer service team has finished verifying all the data you have attached, you will see the verification tags right on the screen to the right of the phrase: Check Account Details.

حصل مالك في ثلاث خطوات باستخدام تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر | التأكد من تفعيل الحساب البنكي بشكل كامل | سداد قطر |

Third, Start Collecting Money

After completing the above procedures, your company account will be available on SADAD. You can perform the following financial transactions:

  • Complete financial transactions between your company and other companies.
  • Manage unpaid, due and overdue invoices.
  • Documenting and archiving invoices paid by date, name and amount.
  • Designing an electronic store and coordinating financial transactions.
  • Linking SADAD account to the company bank account, and depositing the amounts with ease.
  • Track the company’s financial transactions, document them electronically by time and date, and periodically remind you of them.
  • Easily transfer funds from your company account to individuals or companies and vice versa.

By following these steps you will be able to manage your financial transactions easily and in just three steps.


SADAD has been able to provide the Middle East in general and Qatar in particular, smart and sophisticated application that copes the time’s requirements.

As the first application of its kind in the region and the least expensive in the world, SADAD has made it a service to the level of excellence and suitability of its users. There is no need to look for a perfect solution to your company’s financial problems. SADAD application is always there to help you as your financial manager, your accountant, and your personal assistant


Give Your Customers The High Quality Experience They Deserve

And Download SADAD Right Now

تحميل تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع الالكتروني في دولة قطر

تحميل تطبيق سداد لحلول الدفع الالكتروني في دولة قطر

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