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Mange Your Small Home Business With SADAD Payment Solutions

20 Oct 2019 Share

Qatar Development Bank (QDB) has provided a great opportunity for those with ideas for existing projects to launch the National Small and Medium Enterprise Development Initiative. This initiative has succeeded in opening the door for everyone to own and manage their own projects with ease.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry supported the initiative by giving projects owners legal licenses. Also supported by the Qatar Chamber of Services in organizing marketing exhibitions for products, which helped in the legal management and promotion of the business.

All the above has had a wonderful impact on various levels, from the start of business pioneers to money, to strengthening the national economy and spreading the culture of free business among citizens.

All these features did not prevent the projects owners to some of the obstacles that threatened to continue their business and stay in the market. The need to find a suitable way to deal with the public, and to find an inexpensive tool to help manage billing, product publishing and electronic promotion. All these are obstacles that were not properly resolved before 2018.

What is new? SADAD electronic Payment solutions reappears.  

Sadad Qatar سداد قطر لحلول الدفع

What is SADAD Payment Solutions?

SADAD application is a Qatari electronic application. It is designed to facilitate financial transactions for individuals and companies. SADAD’s idea is to facilitate e-commerce for users by submitting a smart application managed by mobile phone.

SADAD electronic application is the first of its kind in the Middle East, which submits this kind of high financial transactions. SADAD users remove the burden of collecting money through traditional methods of receipt, or standing in a long bank line. SADAD user will only open the application and finish all his financial transactions immediately.

 Owners of home projects can manage their financial transactions easily by SADAD app. They can publish their products on SADAD online store. They can also create and send bills, control their bank account, and transfer and receive money.

How Home Based Business Owners Can Benefit From SADAD Payment Solutions?

The National Initiative for the Development of Home Projects was launched for the first time in 2015. The main objective of the project was to bring the national economy to Qatar through the development of small and medium projects for business owners. The initiative has been successful from the moment of its launch until now, and witnessed several successful events organized by the Qatari Chamber of Commerce. The latest of which was the fourth edition of national exhibition “Masharena”.

The initiative helps Qatari business owners to start their home projects by:

  • Get intensive training courses
  • Get professional consultancy
  • Access to legal and commercial facilities related to licenses
  • Get the advantage of displaying projects in various Qatar fairs
  • Get the promotion of projects inside and outside Qatar

The event sponsored by the Qatari government allows entrepreneurs to showcase their different products to visitors, organize their own workshops and attract business people to receive ideal care opportunities.

All these advantages may go down the drain, if the customer does not find a suitable way to communicate with the project owners, or the businessman finds that the project has not yet reached the level that qualifies for care. Any customer looking for a product is easy to handle and safe to use. Any businessman looking for a project that has a chance of success is guaranteed to invest in it.

If you have the platform, the chance of the nationals, the presence of the customers and you lose them because of the inflexibility of your payment procedures, you have certainly lost a successful business opportunity. Do not worry, we’re not here to let you know, but to guide you to the best way you can grab the opportunity, and get out of the Home Business Fair winner every year. Just read the article to the end and find everything that will help you achieve this.

What does SADAD offer for your project?

The National Initiative for the Development of Home Projects is used by workers in the field of fashion, arts and crafts, technology, food and other fields. All of these can benefit from SADAD electronic services as follows:

1-Establishment Of E-Stores

With SADAD Payment Solutions, you can easily create a great e-store to showcase your products to users. You can add product details, prices, how much you have, and how to deliver. You can also share product links across social media platforms with ease.

2-Manage Billing

By SADAD application  you can:

• Design invoices for your business

• Coordinate their own items

• Determination of due dates for invoices

• Export invoices in Excel structured files

• Documenting invoices by date and time in detail

3- Conversion Services

You can easily transfer funds from your personal account on SADAD to individuals or corporate account. Conversions are made with SADAD in a time frame of no more than five seconds. You will not expose your customers to wasting too much time in complex bank transactions or routines that do not make sense. All you have to do is open SADAD application, choose the transfer section, specify the amount to be transferred, the name of the receivable, and the phone number, and the transfer will take seconds.

4- Bank Deposit Services

With SADAD you will not need to go to the bank to add the money you have earned from the deals for your project. SADAD has the flexibility to transfer funds from your personal account on SADAD to your bank easily and without paying expensive fees. Just open SADAD application, select the bank deposit section, and complete the deposit you wish to complete.

5- Follow-up Of Applications

With SADAD Payment Solutions, you will not only manage your products but also have the ability to track their delivery. You can find out which products have been connected, who is connected, and who has been canceled.

6- Protect Customer Information

With SADAD you will not need to worry about your financial transactions being compromised or infiltrated. All your transactions are encrypted to ensure their protection, as they are monitored over the course of 24 hours to ensure that they are not exposed to any risks.

In the event of a financial dispute, there is no need to worry about losing your money unlawfully. SADAD will hold your financial payments and not release them pending the end of the dispute.

7- Alarm Notification

With SADAD you will be able to know all the latest notifications related to your financial transactions. The application will always alert you if the customer is informed of the invoices, in the case of payment of the receivables, in the case of the various bank deposits, as well as in cases of purchase and delivery of the products.

All these features and more waiting for you to run your project from home easily. Just open the SADAD application, and manage your project with the click of a button.


Small and medium enterprises are the nucleus of the rise of any society that is willing to develop. It not only benefits its owner but also positively affects the economy of societies. Therefore, projects of this importance must be accompanied by a tool of similar value and importance, a tool that helps these projects to show the best image, and to provide their customers the best service.

A smart, flexible and secure tool such as SADAD Payment Solutions, the first of its kind in the Middle East, and the world’s cheapest in comparison to its competitors with very high quality.

Ready to collect your profits?

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