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How Does SADAD QR Code Payment Feature Serve Your Deals?

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While conducting e-transactions, there are three main requirements we all look for. Always, we are looking for: Speed, ease, and security.

Speed which we meet our needs in a short time. Ease as a result of our current progress and development. Security that gives us more confidence in dealing.

In this article we are going to highlight the QR Code Payment service in detail, then tell you how you can use it and how to benefit from it. Please, stay with me and I will show you how.

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What Is QR Code Payment?

QR Code Payment is the latest e-payment technology in the market (till now). It depends on Cardless and Cashless. So, users can pay by scanning their codes by their mobile phones (smartphones) without having to carry banknotes or credit cards.

QR Code Payment service does not require a basic infrastructure. It works automatically without using custom payment cards or on specific products, or even a sophisticated payment network. All you need is:

  • Smart phone with camera
  • A software code for scanning
  • A quick response code reader for your phone, whether Android or IOS like SADAD app.

How Does SADAD Offer QR Code Payment To Its Customers?

SADAD is a Qatari e-payment service.  It was established in 2018 to be the first e-payment solution in Qatar, and the first in the Middle East, which offers e-payment services, and the cheapest rates.

In addition to SADAD’s leadership, it offers QR Code Payment in the Middle East as the only one.

SADAD is a mobile app for financial services that helps individuals and businesses manage their deals without having to carry money or credit cards.

SADAD’s QR Code Payment service enables you to:

  • Pay e-bills without using bank cards
  • Buy tickets, book trains, and pay vouchers without waiting in crowded lines.
  • Buy different products that they has the code on their packaging

You can use SADAD QR Code Payment service by the following:

  1. Open the e-application
  2. Determine the price to be paid.
  3. Clear the code for the service / invoice / product through the SADAD Code service.
  4. Scanning will take no more than a few seconds, and then your deals will be successfully accomplished.
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In addition to the QR Code Payment service, SADAD offers other financial services such as:

  • Bank deposits
  • Bank transfer
  • Billing management
  • Create an e-store
  • Follow up purchase orders
  • Financial transaction management
  • Secure e-payments
  • Follow up notifications and alerts for various deals

All of SADAD services are free. Only there are some estimated fees which are nothing compared to the rest of the other payment solutions apps. According to statistics, SADAD is the world’s cheapest app.

Benefits Of SADAD QR Code Payment

  • Safe

QR Code Payment is a secure e-purchasing transactions method. You will not be subject to e-scams, you will no longer need to carry cards and money will not be stolen.

The QR Code Payment service is made through the payment gateway, so you enjoy double protection. With a high-performance firewall, advanced security authentication, dual encryption for connections, and additional protection with your fingerprint.

  • Inexpensive

SADAD app is completely free, so you will not need to pay a lot of money to enjoy the QR Code Payment service. All you have to do is download SADAD and it will work immediately.

  • Flexible

There is no need to open the money wallet, or reveal credit card numbers to the merchant. All of your money is at your fingertips through SADAD. Just open it, and through few clicks the deal will be done.

  • Easy to use

Unlike credit cards, you do not have to carry your phone to a specific destination or at a specific angle to make a deal. The service is configured to be responsive quickly.

  • Save you from congestion and queues

With the QR Code Payment service, you do not have to stand in a long queue to give the merchant your bank card. You can pay for any product without crowding.


Speed ​​… Easy … Security, three key features offered by QR Code Payment. To get them, download SADAD now for Android, here or for iOS here.

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