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What Kind Of Bills Does SADAD Pay For?

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Bills are considered a nightmare for many individuals for a long time . This is because its Payment procedures are complicated. The process is no longer so easy. You need a simple keystroke while you sit down with your friends, all thanks to the ongoing financial facilities embodied in  SADAD app.

ما نوع الفواتير التي يتعامل معها تطبيق سداد الإلكتروني لحلول الدفع؟ - sadad.qa

What Is SADAD Payment Solutions?

SADAD is an mobile app dedicated to providing payment services. It connects the parts to financial transactions via the Internet in safe and smooth ways. It does not require any effort.

SADAD was introduced to its customers in 2018 to be the first e-portfolio in  Qatar. It is  the first Arab in the provision of payment solutions services on a free basis, and the first in the world in terms of financial costs.

SADAD works in accordance with the e- clearing system. It is a substitute for traditional banking transactions, where paper checks are dispensed with an e-balance that is verified and dealt with accordingly. Thanks to this system, SADAD applies to most banks in a smooth way, especially banks in Qatar.

SADAD  is accepted in Qatari riyal and the dollar. Arab brothers do not need to carry out their transactions in dollars and convert them to their local currency after deducting the transfer fees.

In contrast to the procedures of opening a Qatari bank account which requires a fee of up to QR20,000, SADAD allows  its customers to open a merchant account on its platform for  free.  Only a commission of QR2.9 charged to transactions.

 What Does SADAD Offer?

SADAD offers the future. It is not just an app for payment solutions, it is a flexible and safe way to help you manage your life and organize your future endeavors. The 1000 mile route can be cut in half with SADAD.

Let’s focus on SADAD services as follows:

Electronic payment services: With SADAD you can buy any product you want, especially when a payment gateway is added on the commercial sites supported by WordPress.

Transfer Services: You can pay the transfer of funds from your personal account to a payment account to individuals or companies.

You can easily transfer money even if the recipient does not have a payout account. They have to pick up a text message with the link to the conversion, and they’ll be forwarded directly to the conversion platform.

QR Code Payment: SADAD is the only app in the Arab world that uses QR code technology It is a modern technology that helps you pay your debts through the code scanning provided by smart stores and restaurants dealing with SADAD.

Bank Deposit Services: With SADAD you can deposit money into your bank account without having to queue up or waiting for your turn in the waiting seats.  You need  only to open SADAD app, choose the bank deposit option, and finish the deposit within seconds.

E-shop creation services: Unlike the different payment gateway, SADAD not only provides financial facilities, but also provides an added advantage by providing an e-store service to its users.

E-store creation service provides customers with the ability to:

  • Add what they want from the products
  • Add details for each product price, specifications, photos, quantities, and  the date of receipt.
  • Set product-specific conditions on their own
  • Modify products and hide them from customers if you modify some of their information.
  • Publish product links on social media platforms and across websites.
  • Send products in the form of commercial messages via messaging apps such as Messenger and WhatsApp.

Order Tracking Service: With SADAD,  you can track all orders executed through your e-store, as well as the orders you have executed. The app gives you a complete report of the apps that have been executed, the apps which are  in progress and the date of receipt as well.

Financial Transaction Management: With SADAD app, you will be able to know all your financial transactions accurately. Unlike credit cards, you will not be surprised at the amount of debt outstanding at the time of the payment process. Here is  SADAD app – you will be able to know everything you spend in detail, where it was spent.

Billing management services:  SADAD offers you  the billing management service, where you can open the app and add any type of bill you wish to pay, specifying invoice data, recipient name and number, and if there is a product from your store that you want to attach to the invoice.

The Billing Management section contains a detailed report of paid invoices, due invoices, late invoices, and unpaid invoices as well.

With SADAD, you can index invoices in alphabetical order, by money, or by date. You can also convert all indexed invoices into a structured spreadsheet on the Excel program and keep it as a documented archive of all transactions.

SADAD offers you all of these services without expensive fees, or electronic complications. All you need to do is to download  SADAD app on your mobile, then enjoy all the features as you wish.

What Kind Of Bills Does SADAD Help You Pay?

  • Schools

If you are a parent, you can easily pay your child’s financial dues through SADAD. If you are a school administrator, it is best to give your students and parents a safe and easy way to end financial transactions with ease. With SADAD app, parents will be able to pay their dues without having to waste time in routines that could be used for discussions and skills development for children.

  • Universities

The same goes for university dues as well, so you can pay it smoothly by opening SADAD app and ending it within 5 seconds.

  • Government services

You can pay government bills such as electricity and other services through SADAD app without the need to charge additional fees. You only  have to  open the billing section of the SADAD app, and transfer the amount directly.

  • Selling products through e-commerce sites

If your business depends on online sales, you need an app  that organizes and electronically archives your product invoices. This is what SADAD Payment Solutions offers you. You can easily extract and send invoices to your customers, and make sure that they are received by you through the confirmation notice provided by the application.

  • Restaurants

You can easily pay bills for restaurants without having to carry money, or credit cards.  You have to  use the QR Code feature and your bill will be paid immediately.


Paying bills is no longer a nightmare now with  SADAD app. It is a new image of the luxury picture offered by technology developments. You will also benefit  from it, not because it is  a part of the basics of financial dealings in the present  the future. .

Download SADAD now from the Play Store platform here, or from the Apple Store platform here.

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