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The transfer

Transfer / Merchant

Companies / merchant transfer

How do you transfer money from your account to another account?

1. Run Sadad payment application

First click on the payment application icon on your phone to access the application.

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2. Click the “Transfer” icon

After entering your account and registering your private data, you will see a set of icons as shown below. Click on the “Transfer” icon.

3. Specify the amount to be Transferred

After you go to the “Transfer” menu you will see a screen showing the available balance, enter the amount to be converted and click on pay now.

4. Choose the contact to send the money to

Once you’ve moved to the “Transferring” menu, you’ll see two options to add the recipient to whom the money will be sent, as shown below.

Method 1: By mobile number and must be registered in the payment application to which the money will be sent.

Method 2: By picking up Sadad payment code for the recipient’s payment solutions.

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