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How do you control your own store by SADAD application?

1. Run Sadad payment application

First click on the payment application icon on your phone to access the application.

سداد لحلول الدفع في دولة قطر - شاشة تسجيل الدخول - sadad.qa

2. From the main interface click on “the store”, you will find your products displayed on the store

3. To add a new product, click on “Add Product” icons

Fill in the product data

4. Show or hide the product

By clicking on the product you will see product details in terms of views, quantity and number of sales times. You can control the product in terms of showing or hiding when the product quantity is finished as shown in the picture below.

5. To control the product

Long press the product to edit or delete.

6. Share the product

You can share your product in your store via social media, the web, or mobile messages to your friends or businesses.