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Invoices management

Invoices / merchant management

Companies / merchant invoices management

How can you control your invoices by applying SADAD?

1. Run Sadad payment application

First click on the payment application icon on your phone to access the application.

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2. Click the “Manage Invoices” icon

After accessing your account and registering your private data, you will see a set of icons as shown below. Click the “Manage Invoices” icon.

3. To add a new invoice, click “the Add” icon

4. Fill in all the data

You can also add the product purchased by the customer by clicking Add Product, and after you finish, click Submit invoice or Save as draft.

Upon completion of the delivery, the customer will receive a notice stating receipt of a new invoice.

5: Billing Summary and Watch icon

You will see a list of the invoices that you have created and when the customer sees the bill, the watch icon (eye) will change.

You can review, edit, or delete invoice details by clicking on the invoice.

To simplify billing, you can drag the invoice to the left. You will see quick shortcuts that allow you to delete, edit, alert the customer or copy the settings.

You can view all invoices by clicking View all, you’ll see all the invoices you’ve created.

6. Filter your invoices

Click the filter icon at the left of the page.
Select the filtering data you want and then press Filter. You’ll see invoices based on the filter you’ve selected.

You can also export invoices to an Excel file by clicking the Export icon at the left of the page.

You will receive an e-mail message containing the Excel file.

You can also share your invoice to your customer on mobile or social media.