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Biometric Access

  1. User can also log into Sadad Payment Solutions (SPS) app by using the fingerprint and/or facial recognition (hereinafter collectively referred to as Biometric Data) authentication function in the app (hereinafter referred as BAF / Biometric B.A.F.). To do this, users must accept these terms and conditions. Use of the B.A.F. is voluntary and does not restrict the use of other identification methods
  2. When the user has activated the B.A.F., logging into Sadad Payment Solution is possible with the user’s Biometric Data instead of a code. Some of the services, such as accepting payment orders or making payments to other accounts than the user’s own, still require the use of another authentication method (Account Password) accepted by the Sadad Payment Solution (SPS).
  3. The use of the B.A.F. is based on technology and software on the user’s mobile device and is therefore dependent on the device’s capability to capture biometric data. The Sadad Payment Solutions (SPS) does not control or process the user’s Biometric Data.
  4. All Biometric Data, saved in the respective mobile device before the activation of the B.A.F., can be used for authentication. This is why the user must ensure that only his/her Biometric Data have been saved in the device before activating the B.A.F. All other Biometric Data must be deleted from the device before the B.A.F. is activated.
  5. To avoid abuse and protect the user’s personal data, the user of biometric authentication needs to ensure that he/she does not allow third persons to use the device.
  6. All actions made by using the biometric authentication are deemed to be made by the person who has activated the B.A.F. in the respective mobile device and are binding to that person.
  7. If the device’s biometric B.A.F. cannot identify the user’s Biometric Data, he/she must log into the service with another authentication method (Account Password.) accepted by the Sadad Payment Solutions (SPS).
  8. The Sadad Payment Solutions (SPS) has the right at any time without a separate notification to prevent login with the B.A.F. to one or more services or block the use of the B.A.F. altogether.
  9. The customer must confirm the activation of the B.A.F. with another authentication method accepted by the Sadad Payment Solutions Payment (SPS) app (Account Password).
  10. The B.A.F. must be activated separately in every single mobile device.
  11. If additional Biometric Data are added to the biometric B.A.F. of the device, the B.A.F. must be activated again. In some devices (depending of technology and software of the device), reactivation of the B.A.F. is also necessary after deletion of Biometric Data.
  12. The B.A.F. can be deactivated in the following ways:
  • By deactivating the B.A.F. in the Sadad Payment Solutions (SPS) app settings. After this, the B.A.F. can no longer be used in the app.
  • By deleting the biometric authentication from the settings of the user device. After this, the B.A.F. can no longer be used on the device in question.
  1. Use of biometric authentication can be ended in the following ways:
  • By using the possibilities described in p.12.
  • By deleting the Sadad Payment Solutions (SPS) app.
  1. The Sadad Payment Solutions (SPS) is entitled to amend these terms unilaterally as set out in the General Terms and Conditions of the Sadad Payment Solutions (SPS).